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Overview of How to Write an Essay Writing essays is a major element of your education at the university level. Effective writing gives you the ability to express your ideas, theories, arguments, and projects clearly. The skills you acquire at the university level through writing essays will be aimed at practical business applications that you will be able to use in the workplace. The following information provides a succinct overview of the elements you need to know to begin writing an essay. It will help you on your writing journey. Types of Essays Narrative A narrative essay is a story told by a narrator. Generally, a narrative discusses the personal experience of the author (the first person point of view), but it can also be written about things that happen to others (third person point of view). A narrative typically involves characters, a setting, specific and vivid details, and a series of events that can include current incidents, flashbacks, or dialogue. Cause and Effect A cause and effect essay explores why events, actions, or conditions occur (cause) and examines the results of those events, actions, or conditions (effect). For example, a cause could be purchasing a new expensive home. The effect might be fewer family vacations, more time spent on upkeep, or less time with family because of extra work hours to pay for the home. Comparison and Contrast A comparison and contrast essay shows the relationship between two or more elements. The items can be compared by similarities and differences or both. The important thing to remember about a comparison and contrast essay is that the items to be compared or contrasted must share some common characteristics. In other words, one cannot compare a trip to France and a gourmet dinner because no similar points between the two subjects can be compared. However, an effective comparison and contrast essay can be…...

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Ethics in Multicultural Counseling

...her ethical standards, they are more likely to break a code without even knowing it. According to Neukrug and Milliken (2011) say that few professionals are actually accused of unethical conduct during their careers, but those who can be traumatized as well as their clients from the repercussion’s of the counselors mistake (p. 206). Thankfully, there are many organizations that have established a code of ethics for their employees to abide by while in that organization. Ethical Issues Unique to Multicultural Counseling Because multicultural counseling can have a myriad of people with different personalities and backgrounds, many ethical procedures cannot address all the circumstances that a counselor could come across. According to Diller (2011) it is critical when preparing to work with clients of a particular ethnic group by doing research into the group’s history, culture, and health issues (p. 320). This would include not only academic, professional, or web searches, but travel, social histories, movies, lectures, and so forth (p. 320). This type of learning is not definitive. This is a reason why it is so hard to condense ethics in multicultural counseling. Fleischman, Robbins, and Wallace (2011) say that different cultures handle ethical dilemmas differently, and have different ethical touchstones that establish ethical behavior (p. 191). Ethics is a core part of the identity of professionalism, not a list of dos and don’ts to be able to avoid poor......

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...Oxford American Dictionary picked “podcast” in 2005. “Wikis”, “vlogs”, “metaverses” and “folksonomies” (all to be explained later in this survey) may be next. Word count “These words! The inability of the English language to express these new things is distressing,” says Barry Diller, 64, who fits the description “media mogul”. Over the decades, Mr Diller has run two big Hollywood film studios and launched America's fourth broadcast-television network, FOX Broadcasting. More recently, he has made a valiant effort to get his mind around the internet, with mixed results, and is now the boss of IAC/InterActiveCorp, a conglomerate with about 60 online brands. Mr Diller concedes that “all of the distribution methods get thrown up in the air, and how they land is, well, still up in the air.” Yet Mr Diller is confident that participation can never be a proper basis for the media industry. “Self-publishing by someone of average talent is not very interesting,” he says. “Talent is the new limited resource.” “What an ignoramus!” says Jerry Michalski, with some exasperation. He advises companies on the uses of new media tools. “Look around and there's tons of great stuff from rank amateurs,” he says. “Diller is assuming that there's a finite amount of talent and that he can corner it. He's completely wrong.” Not everything in the “blogosphere” is poetry, not every audio “podcast” is a symphony, not every video “vlog” would do well at Sundance, and not every entry on Wikipedia,......

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...HISTORY - 1 MODERN YABANCI DİLLER / MFL - 1 COĞRAFYA / GEOGRAPHY - 1 GEOMETRİ / GEOMETRY - 1 MATEMATİK / MATH - 1 7 4 2 8 KS KS KS HR HR HR KS HR HR 24.03.2014 25.03.2014 26.03.2014 27.03.2014 28.03.2014 3 6 6 2 2 NİSAN - APRIL 31.03.2014 01.04.2014 02.04.2014 03.04.2014 04.04.2014 TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES 10 C- D - E DİL VE ANLATIM / LINGUISTIC - 1 PSİKOLOJİ / PSYCHOLOGY - 1 5 5 HR KS RUBRİK VE KARNELER - RUBRICS AND REPORTS 07.04.2014 08.04.2014 09.04.2014 10.04.2014 11.04.2014 14.04.2014 15.04.2014 16.04.2014 17.04.2014 18.04.2014 21.04.2014 22.04.2014 23.04.2014 24.04.2014 25.04.2014 28.04.2014 29.04.2014 30.04.2014 01.05.2014 02.05.2014 ENKA ENKA ENKA ENKA ENKA TATİLİ TATİLİ TATİLİ TATİLİ TATİLİ ENKA ENKA ENKA ENKA ENKA HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY 10 C- D - E TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES 10 A - B - C- D COĞRAFYA / GEOGRAPHY - 2 TÜRK EDEBİYATI / TURKISH LITERATURE - 2 MATEMATİK / MATH - 2 7 4 4 2 KS HR HR TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES İNGİLİZCE / ENGLISH - 2 ULUSAL EGEMENLİK VE ÇOCUK BAYRAMI HR TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES KİMYA / CHEMISTRY - 2 2 KS İŞÇİ BAYRAMI TATİL MAYIS - MAY 05.05.2014 06.05.2014 07.05.2014 08.05.2014 09.05.2014 12.05.2014 13.05.2014 14.05.2014 15.05.2014 16.05.2014 19.05.2014 20.05.2014 21.05.2014 22.05.2014 23.05.2014 26.05.2014 27.05.2014 28.05.2014 29.05.2014 30.05.2014 TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES TÜM SINIFLAR/ALL CLASSES MODERN YABANCI DİLLER / MFL - 2......

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...going to happen tomorrow, there are numerous hurdles, which our text spells out, to consider. In a typical traditionally healing paradigm, accountability is not on a pill, or the patient being treated, but on the healer involved. This would cause tremendous friction on modern medicine since results are mostly subjective, and not quantifiable. In our text, Diller (pp.95, 2011) states that “Just because providers have certain racial or cultural roots does not guarantee their cultural competence or ability to work effectively with clients from their group of origin.” I have seen a Spanish speaking patient's eyes light up when an interpreter enters the room and have wondered if more involvement of somebody with familiar culture/heritage would make an unpleasant hospital stay much more tolerable. I do not have the vision or a crystal ball to see how a traditional healer and a modern Cardiothoracic surgeon would collaborate or clash on treating the same patient, but from my clinical experience thus far, that discussion might be a little heated! 2. Some fears and cautions I might have would be are again echoed in our text, Diller (pp95, 2011) “Western healing stresses cause and effect, traditional appoaches emphasize circularity and multidimensional sources in etiology.” It it much simpler to observe a patients blood pressure at noon, give them a blood pressure pill, and observe a measureable difference thirty minutes later. The same cannot be said for a Shaman performing a......

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Advertising Photoshopped Women

...these people also fit the criteria for depression and only 35 percent of these receive treatment. Considered a norm violation type of social problem, many eating disorders are directly and indirectly caused by the media advertising digitally altered body images in their campaigns. ("Eating disorders statistics", n.d.) Thus, the problem can now be considered a system-blame problem, which, blaming the system is only part of the truth behind eating disorders, and proves to absolve the person of responsibility for the disorder. (Long, 2012) Manipulation of images used in advertising through the use of Photoshop or some other digital tool can contribute to unrealistic body image expectations, eating disorders, and other emotional problems. (Diller, n.d.) Analysis of problem Unlike drawings or paintings, photography is thought to mirror a memory. It is representative of relating to the onlooker an unadulterated truth; a direct link to the real. The introduction of Photoshop has meant that photography’s truth and reality are called into question. It becomes controversial when used in advertising to enhance faces and bodies touting ideals of beauty and youth. Women become dissatisfied with themselves and their appearance when their own bodies and faces can’t compare to the photoshopped images produced by mass-media. (Jones, 2012) Those mostly affected by the altered images used for advertising are teenage girls who struggle with body image and self-esteem. In 2012,......

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Over-Diagnosis of Adhd

...is due to the persistence of parents. Doctors often find themselves arguing with concerned parents that are worried about their child’s future being ruined because of hyperactivity or being jittery at school and at home. They demand drugs (Ritalin or Adderall) from the doctors, and if the doctor does not comply and prescribe the drugs, they continue to see doctor after doctor until one writes out the prescription. Parents have gotten to the point where they feel that their child has to be a perfect angel and will do whatever it takes to mold them into that. Unfortunately they use extreme measures, like drugs, to help accomplish this. Doctor Lawrence Diller, a behavioral and developmental pediatrician, states in his book Running on Ritalin, that “In order for them to succeed, we make them take performance enhancers” (Diller 96). I believe he is saying that parents want their children to succeed so much that they are making their children take “performance enhancers”, like Ritalin. What once was seen as a childhood normality of being interested in different things and having different skills and talents is now being viewed as a disease that needs to be treated with powerful drugs. Ritalin is useful when it is prescribed properly, introduced in small doses, and monitored appropriately. It has been shown to be beneficial in treating the symptoms of ADHD in about 80% of children .If taken in regular release form, which is three times a day for seven days a week, it has......

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...up, I knew our family was bi-racial. My grandfather was a fair skinned man with blue eyes and silky black hair. By me, knowing African American do not come with the characteristic of blue eyes and silky black hair unless they are mixed. Later on in life, my grandfather told me his mother was half white and black. Her father was a white man and her mother was the nanny where she worked. My grandfather’s father was half white and black as well. I will like to educate myself on what part of Africa my family came from. I will be delighted to learn the culture backgrounds and my heritages. Racism is a belief structure that individuals of many culture have faith in that former individuals within other cultures are smaller to the main race (Diller, 2011). Discriminations are taught conduct mainly within the family. For example, if I take a group of Pre-K students, then put them all in a room with toy, then they will all play causing no harm. Then I take a group of high school students and put them in a room, then there will be issues occurring. This is because the parents have taught racism and discrimination to their children and installed it. Subtle racism, for instance, is when a black man walks into a restaurant and he sits down. The waiter does not come to him right away. The moment a white man comes in the restaurant and he sits down, the waitress waits on him. After she waits on him, she then waits on the black man. Discrimination and racism is very hard to deal with in......

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...decline in health, or feeling trapped in unhappy life roles (Wethington, 2000). In more recent years this time in midlife has been reported as a time of wellbeing and greater sense of control (Japenga, 2000). Distinguishing Middle Adulthood Middle adulthood is usually defined as the middle years of one’s life. Based on 2006 figures from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs the average life midpoint for males is 32.5 and 34.75 years for females (Freund, 2009). With a large portion of the population now living into their 80’s and 90’s the midlife point is continuing to move upward. Even with the midpoint of life moving upward psychologists find that the awareness of aging continues to appear around the age of 40 (Diller, 2011). The middle of life has been defines as a point in the life span whereas midlife has been defined as a phase in life (Freund, 2009). Middle adulthood is generally seen as somewhere from age 40 to age 60. Research has shown that how people define midlife depends on the age of the person asked. Younger adults have defined middle adulthood between the ages of 35 and 55. According to Freund and Ritter (2009), chronological may not be the best criterion for defining middle adulthood. This phase may be more accurately defined in terms of developmental events. Definition of “Midlife Crisis” The term “midlife crisis” has been defined in different ways. Findings in a study reported by Elaine Wethington (2000) included the......

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Individual Behavior Assignment

...inquiries and problems by assessing the constituent need, contacting the appropriate city department and following up to ensure the city enterprise is responsive to it’s residents. I must also use creativity to implement the vision of our office and ensure that the policies we champion reflect the interest of our constituents. The city government in Minneapolis, led by the City Council and the Mayor’s office make decisions that impact ordinary citizens every day. They derive that power from what’s known as a “home rule”, an authority to legislate on a broad range of social and economic policies without prior state legislative approval (Diller, 2012). “Using this authority, cities and sometimes counties have increasingly led the way in adopting innovative social policies in areas like public health, civil rights, and environmental protection (Diller, 2012, p. 1110). My job as a Senior Policy Aide to a Minneapolis City Council Member requires me to be open minded, curious and adaptive to constant change. For example, this year, I worked on ordinances that attempted to reform the Taxi/Cab industry, ban plastic bags and regulations that restricted landlords from discriminating against people with Section 8 Vouchers. All of these different ordinances required different processes and dealt with different policy areas. Because I scored relatively high on Openness to Experience/Intellect dimension, my current occupation fits well with the measured personality......

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Question 1

...America that had experience some stereotyping but none of racisms. I can relate more to Helen, Garzon (n.d.) [Experiencing Racism] which I have seen and experienced in my on family. We live in a very ruthless world where pride as Brammer (2004) describes sparks cultural racism. Helen’s experience was horrendous and it seems as if she could find no outlet for help. However, it is interesting that Brammer (2004) and Diller (2007) agree that most African American people see racism as spiritual and find a religious counselor as someone that could offer some advice. I see this at the Christian facility of substance abuse I work.  Although, most of the men that apply or white, the few black men that apply seem to appreciate the experience of Christian atmosphere more than the white men. Sadly, Helens story is seen everyday and therefore is hard to put out of your mind, especially when consoling an African American. Just yesterday I was in Wal-Mart and witnessed a White man make a pure racial slur towards an elderly black man.   References Diller, J. V. (2007). Cultural diversity: primer for the human services (3rd ed.) Belmont, CA: Thomson Learning.   Brammer, R. (2004). Diversity in counseling. New York: Brooks/Cole....

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...ekipmanların incelenmesi, gerekli madde ve enerji denkliklerinin oluşturulmasıyla başlayan stajım ; işletme tarafından verilen projenin araştırılması ile devam edip üst yönetime yaptığım proje sunumumla tamamlanmıştır. İbrahim Ethem Ulagay İlaç Sanayi Türk A.Ş (Laboratuvar Stajı | 1 ay ) Kalite kontrol laboratuvarında başlayan ve sonrasında hammadde laboratuvarında da çalışma imkanı bulduğum stajım ; gelen numunelerin kalitatif ve kantitatif analizlerinin yapılması, sonuçların kaydedilmesi ayrıca yorumlanması şeklinde gerçekleşmiştir. YABANCI DİL BİLGİLERİ İngilizce : B2 ( Öğrenildiği Yer : MEB Kurumları, Akın Dil Eğitim Merkezi ) Arapça : A1 (Öğrenildiği Yer : İSMEK ) Almanca : A2 (Öğrenildiği Yer : MEB Kurumları,İSMEK,İTÜ Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu ) BİLGİSAYAR BECERİLERİ MATLAB, ChemCad, PolyMath, MS-Office Programları,Fortran 77 PROJELER Lisans Araştırma Projesi ( 2 Eğitim Dönemi ) : Oksidasyon Reaksiyonlarında Kullanılmak Üzere Bakır İçerikli SBA-15 Katalizör Sentezi ve Karakterizasyonu Gözenekli malzemelere ait detaylı bir araştırma sonrası SBA-15,MCM-41,Kil içerikli katalizörler hakkında sipesifik bilgiler elde edilmiştir. Amacımız sentezi yeni gerçekleştirilen bu malzemelerin yapısal ve kimyasal özelliklerinin iyileştirilmesi olup bilime katkı sağlamaktır. Bu çalışma ile malzemelerde inovasyon sürecinin nasıl yürütülmesi gerektiği öğrenilen en faydalı bilgiler arasındadır. Kimya Mühendisliği Tasarım Projesi (2 Eğitim Dönemi ) : Amonyak......

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Paramount Case

...Production, film library, film distribution, film exhibition, cable network television stations and theme parks) However, since it failed to takeover Time Inc. Paramount cannot manage its assets efficiently, and net income declined in 1993 compared with 1990. Besides, Paramount CEO, Davis had a reputation of toughness and of clashing with Diller. In all, Paramount’s performance can be improved and the its management should be changed. Why is Viacom interested? Benefits: Create one of the world’s largest entertainment conglomerates * Create synergies among the assets—complementary and both well-known business * Lead to development of new businesses--Bring together creative talent, intellectual property, managerial resources and trademarks * Cost reductions—combination of similar businesses and economies of scale * Enhance distribution capabilities—cross-promotion and utilization of brand names, utilization of distribution capabilities * Pursue international business strategies—share knowledge of international markets and enhance international presence. Why is QVC interested? * Diller once ran Paramount Pictures * Diller may change the way Paramount did business--increase cash flows and lower average costs. Or even he would start a new television network * New television channels or fifth television network. Valuation 2) Estimate Paramount’s current value as a stand-alone on a per share basis * Comparable-based Walt Disney......

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...Özgeçmiş KİŞİSEL BİLGİLER ÖZGE SARIZEYBEK Topçu Asım Mah 3505 Sokak No:51/4, 45010 MANİSA (Türkiye) 5548491962 ozgesarizeybek@gmail.com Cinsiyet Kadın | Doğum Tarihi 24/02/1993 | Uyruk Türk BAŞVURULAN İŞ Chemical engineer İŞ DENEYİMİ Chemical engineer -POLİNAS PLASTİK SANAYİ AŞ' de üretim, kalite kontol ve AR-GE bölümlerinde yaptğım staj -TÜPRAŞ üretim staji EĞİTİM VE ÖĞRETİM 19/09/2011–Devam ediyor Kimya Mühendisi Ege Üniversitesi-Kimya Mühendisliği Bölümü, İzmir (Türkiye) KİŞİSEL BECERİLER Ana dil(ler) türkçe Yabancı diller ANLAMA KONUŞMA YAZILI ANLATIM Dinleme ingilizce Okuma Karşılıklı Konuşma Sözlü Anlatım C1 C1 B1 B1 C1 Ege Üniversitesi Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu İngilizce Birimi-Konuşma Kursu Seviyeler: A1 ve A2: Temel Seviye Kullanıcı - B1 ve B2: Orta Seviye Kullanıcı - C1 ve C2: İleri Seviye Kullanıcı Avrupa Dilleri Öğretimi Ortak Çerçeve Programı İletişim becerileri -Kimya mühendisliğinde sıklıkla yapılan grup çalışmalarından edindiğim takım çalışma becerisi, -Değişken ortamlara uyum becerisi, -Problem çözümü ve iyi iletişim kurma becerisi, -Araştırma ve planlama becerilerisi Organizasyonel/ yönetimsel beceriler -Yeni fikirler geliştirebilme, -Detaylar üzerinde durabilme, -Grupları yönetebilme, -Stres yönetiminde başarılı olma Dijital becerisi KIŞISEL DEĞERLENDIRME Bilgi işlem 23/4/16 İletişim İçerik oluşturma © Avrupa Birliği, 2002-2016 |......

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...Bernauer Straße Sommer 1961. Das Wetter war sehr schön und Heiß, Franz und ich wurde von einem Fußballspiel gerade. Nach einem Fußballspiel radelten wir immer nach hause um Franz, weil er wohnte in der nähe. Wir aßen und tranken und manchmal hatte Ich, dort zu schlafen von Franz, weil ich hatte zu viel getrunken. Dann kommt August. Die letzten Fußballspiel des Jahres war nur vorbei. Deshalb gingen wir zu Franz. Wir aßen sehr gutes Essen, und trinkt sehr viele Schnaps. Ich schlief auf der Couch. Am nächsten tag nahm Ich mein Fahrrad und fuhr nach Hause. Aber wann ich näherte die grenze, ich bemerkte etwas merkwürdig. Stacheldraht über alles, Soldaten kontrolliert die ganze grenze. Die grenze war geschlossen geworden. Es war schrecklich. Jeder war verwirrt und aufregen, sie befürchteten das Schlimmste. Einige versuchten zu fliehen, einige mit mehr Erfolg als andere. Einem von den Westen gehoben ein kleine Kind über die Stacheldraht. Ich sah mein alter Freund Conrad Schumann in einem DDR uniform. “Was!“ ich schrei. Ich rannte schreiend zu ihn, aber wurde schnell weggezogen. Wenige Tage nach, wurde Conrad der erste Soldaten der über die grenze geflohen. Ich spazieren für lange in die Spätsommer Abend. Ich sehe Menschen in der Bernauer Straße stehen auf über die Mauer, ob sie Bekannte oder Familie sehen können. Aber sie verlieren alles die Hoffnung, es gibt nichts zu sehen. Wie die Zeit vergeht immer mehr Gebäude werden aufgegeben, nach die grenze. 1967. Es gibt......

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Children and Culture

...in identifying members of a particular group who share the same behaviors, beliefs, traditions and values. Children begin to learn the culture of their family at a young age but don’t necessarily understand that everyone isn’t from the same culture and don’t follow the same traditions and values. This paper is going to explore what impact culture has on the lives of young children. What role culture plays in the lives of children who are being raised by parents who are from two different cultures will also be discussed. Also how these children cultural development are shaped by the diverse group of people they encounter in school and the roles their parents play in their lives. According to Diller (2011), culture is viewed as a lens through which life is perceived (Diller, 2011, p. 5). A child’s first lesson in culture usually comes from the teachings of their parents. Swick (1986) points out that it is in the performance of various roles that parents introduce children to the basics of their culture (Swick, 1986, p. 72). Children also get to learn about culture through watching their parent’s behavior in various situations. Parents are usually the first people who a child can learn about their culture from and once they start school, their teachers also take on this role as well. Thomas (1998) said that within a family, culture can define boundaries, expectations, rules for interactions, ways of defining problems, communication patterns and specific coping...

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