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After I read the first short story The disposable rocket , we especially a men must be proud of the physical advantages that we have than a women. Although sometimes we often very slack but basically a men with his advantages and disadvantages that he have are still better and superior than a women. As the story said, “we (male bodies) were made for combat.” So this statement strengthens the superior of men.
Besides that, I think this short story is about how we are showed by the authors that people with a men gender are a right person to do anything in this world than women. More power and stronger than women make a men more appropriate to do an activity which is need stamina, power, and intelligent such as spaces mission and as this story said “his body is like a delivery rocket that falls away in space, and put their bodies at risk to experience the release from gravity”.
But in the second story The Chrysanthemums, honestly I cannot understand what the point of view from this story is. But maybe I think The Chrysanthemums is reflected about a simple life of a couple Henry and Elisa in the countryside away from hullabaloo of the world and both can be fill their roles well as a husband and wife.
Moreover, if I connect the first story with this story and if we talk about gender, that Elisa is a strong woman who has a same position or capacity with a man. For example in this story Henry and Elisa almost have a same job as Henry is a farmers and Elisa is a gardener especially Chrysanthemum flower. Not only about the same position between man and woman but also this story tells us about a woman can be a hard worker and diligent too as a man like Elisa.
But still there is showed that a job who cannot be doing by a women. Such as fix all the garden tools and went around the outlying place like the service agency who ride a wagon.
Besides that, when she was told…...

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