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Sexual selection is a “special case” of natural selection, which was introduced by Charles Darwin (who is best known for his evolution theory) in the late 1800’s. The term “sexual selection” is when one sex for certain characteristics in individuals is preferred than the opposite sex with different characteristics. In today’s society choosing the sex of your child is technically possible. Advances in fertility treatments allow doctors to identify male and female embryos. The treatment is an option for parents who either want to avoid passing sex-linked genetic disorders to their children, or for other cultural reasons. The debate for whether or not parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their baby is very heated, but in my opinion parents should not choose the sex of their baby for many reasons.
One of the reasons would be the consideration of the population as a whole. The ratio of males to females is roughly 1:1 and that is due to nature choosing the sex for us. If parents were to choose the sex of their baby, there would be a massive affect on the gender balance in the population. For example, many countries such as China, Japan, and Vietnam prefer boys over girls, because in most cases, these countries think men take higher value because they are portrayed as leaders, the one with responsibility, the one who has abilities, is responsible for taking care of the family, bringing wealth to family, etc. On contrast, women are considered weak, submissive, obedient, etc. Parents living in these countries prefer sons to daughter because they can take over the family's will, inheritance, business, and responsibilities and make them prosperous. If these countries allowed to have all boys, the society will be disrupted and result in an imbalance.
In conclusion I do not think that parents should choose the sex of their baby because of the affecting on the…...

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