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Chapter 1
Chapter 1


------------------------------------------------- Origin:
Corporate Finance (MBA 507) is a course to be completed as a degree requirement for Masters of Business Administration (MBA). During the course taken our honorable teacher asked to prepare a report on dividend policy. We have chosen “Bata Shoe (Bangladesh) Ltd.” to study to prepare this report.
The report is designed to gather practical knowledge from the corporate world. The objective is to get the experience of dividend policy that used in real corporate environment. It helps to integrate the knowledge learned in the class room from this course.

------------------------------------------------- Study Purpose:
We are going to identify the theory which can be applicable for dividend policy to attract the investors. To find out the value of the corporation & scatter the importance of its uniqueness towards all the stakeholders, competitors and contemporary corporation. However, BATA has already demonstrated its excellence through good products to customers, but has not yet deceased his journey to titan its capital & Customers providing fruitful dividend. Bata is trying to formulate an accomplished dividend policy that offers the dividend after undertaking the investment for expanding the business and financial decision.

------------------------------------------------- Report Objective:
The objective of the report is to know about the dividend policy of Bata Shoe (Bangladesh) limited. This report will help us to understand the appraisal process and to find out the scope of learning financing activities of a large organization. It will bring the opportunity to identify factors which influence to increase the value of firm as well as company’s performance, which will be beneficial in our future professional life. Finally we will try to…...

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