Djuice – the Most Successful Youth Brand of Pakistan

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Djuice was first introduced in Bangladesh and then to Pakistan. It has since grown to become one of the largest Youth mobile brands in Pakistan. Since Pakistan has more than 50% population between the ages of 12 to 20, the youth market is very important for telecom sector. This is the reason why Telenor and its competitors Mobilink, Ufone and Warid have their own youth targeted brands like Jazz Octane, Warid GLOW and Ufone Youth Package.
Marketing Strategy
Over the last decade the telecom sector has matured and become very competitive. That is why even market leaders like Telenor can not adopt defensive strategies against its competitors. Recently Djuice has has dropped to second place after Ufone launched its Youth Brand. Now Telenor has a marketing strategy based on customized service provision. This is because the youth market is much more rationale in making decisions and since the target market is so wide a tailor made service is better than a more rigid offer.
Understanding its consumers, Djuice aggressively markets its GPRS and SMS bundles. All the recent campaigns emphasize fun. Even Djuice’s tag line goes like ‘Djuice it’s fun to be young’. Djuice has always tried to grab the attention of the young generation through coming up with surprisingly cheap and innovative offers.
The Marketing Mixture
Telenor’s Djuice, since is the market leader in the market that it caters, the blend of marketing mix it possesses is quite interesting.
As said earlier, youth mobile market of Pakistan is no more that irrational that it once used to be. The market is mature and there are a number of pretty close competitors. Having said that, consumers have a number of brands to choose from and therefore, they make a choice which is providing them the perfect blend of attributes, benefits and emotional association.
To provide the desired benefits to its customers,…...

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