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Ethics: Do No Harm 1

Ethics: Do No Harm
Linda Jones
Walden University

Ethics: Do No Harm 2 Ethical Research involves maintaining honesty in conducting and reporting scientific research, giving appropriate credit for ideas and effort, and considering how knowledge gained through research should be used (Stangor, 2001). There are four basic goals in ethical research and they are providing freedom of choice about participating in the research, protecting participants from physical and psychological harm, maintaining awareness of the power differentials between researcher and participant and honestly describing the nature and use of the research to participants. The first study that I decided to analyze is: A researcher worked for a time on the production line of a large manufacturing plant. His status as a researcher was unknown to his co-workers. It was not until he was about to leave that he revealed his purpose and identity to others. This study was not done ethical because it violated some of the principles of ethical behaviors. The first violation was the researcher with holding his identity until after the study. This was a form of deception due to him not informing the participants in the beginning of his purpose for this study. Also, he did not get his co-worker permission to be a participant in the research. The second study I analyzed was to study what types of people are most likely to give money to a stranger, people on city streets were asked for money by an individual who said he had just lost his wallet. No one was ever told that he or she was part of a research project. Again this…...

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