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Issue #5: Do Video Games Encourage Violent Behavior? One of the biggest controversial issues in today’s society is whether or not video games encourage violent behavior. Two sides of the argument are from Craig A. Anderson (an expert on the effect of violence in television and film) and Henry Jenkins (from PBS kids). One side says exposing children and adolescents (or “youth”) to violent visual media increases the likelihood that they will engage in physical aggression against another person. (2003). Now the other side says, the primary audience is not children, that the violence is not increasing in society and that concerns about isolation, desensitization, and violence are overblown. Now starting with the people who say yes, that video games encourage violent behavior have really good facts to back up their argument. Some facts are violent games require you to be one with the character you’re playing. That’s a very good fact, because games like Call of Duty for instance, requires you to play as a soldier in first person, the only thing you see is the gun you decide to pick up. Another game I can think of is the Grand Theft Auto series of games, you play as once individual and you do missions with him where you have to kill. The story modes are really lengthy and you tend to gain a kind of personal relationship with the character even though it is just a video game. You start getting mad when the character gets mad and from personal experience (I play Grand Theft Auto everyday) I even get carried away and start talking like the character, I pick up his little sayings.
Another fact I agree with is that computer graphics have made video games seem very realistic. Which is totally true, modern gaming PCs have dedicated chips for rendering video, allowing for graphics verging on photorealism. (LA Times). In the movie we watched in class, the video games Doom…...

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