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New York State Health Research Council
New York State Department of Health

Issued May 16, 2003

Application Deadline: July 14, 2003


According to the National Center for Health Statistics of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is the 8th leading cause of death, nationally. Diabetes is also a leading cause of disability, blindness, limb loss and end stage renal disease. It is associated with half of all heart attacks. Diabetes affects more children than any other serious disease. It is estimated that the approximately 16 million people in the US afflicted with diabetes account for more than $105 billion of annual health care costs. Estimates indicate that currently 1.5 million New Yorkers have been diagnosed with diabetes, while another 500,000 people in the State are either at high risk for developing it, or are undiagnosed. An estimated $8.7 billion in direct and indirect costs result from New Yorkers who are diagnosed diabetics. In 1997 alone, there were 1,096 new cases of diabetes-related blindness and 285,127 diabetes-related hospitalizations in New York. An estimated 12,177 residents of New York died as a result of diabetes in 1997.

Because of its high toll in morbidity and mortality, the New York State Legislature established a special program of research regarding diabetes mellitus, in 1985. Section 2796, Article 27-H of the Public Health Law of New York seeks, among other things,

"to promote scientific investigations with respect to the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes."

The New York State Health Research Council of the New York State Department of Health administers appropriations to this Diabetes Research Program.

The Diabetes Bridge Grants Program


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