Does Europe Need a Lender of Last Resort?

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Does Europe need a lender of last resort?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy appear to hope their recent Summit will avoid further increasing Euro rescue fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), or issuing joint Eurobonds.
Both measures are extremely unpopular in Germany, which sees itself as the financier of spendthrift southern Euro zone member countries.
Germans are only willing to pay with “their” money in “return” for strict austerity measures. And, as Merkel has said, Eurobonds would only be considered as last means.
The German Chancellor seems to believe that the Euro zone is not yet at the point where last resort measures need to be considered seriously.
Unfortunately, Mrs Merkel may be wrong.
Are we there yet?
There are a number of compelling reasons to back this. With Italy and Spain (and eventually France and Belgium) in peril, even a tripling or a quadrupling of the ESFS fund would not be sufficient.
And by providing such funds the debt crisis would surely arrive in Germany, too.
So far, imposed austerity measures have induced recessions in the debtor countries, Euro zone economic growth is flat and even in Germany zero growth was reported in the last quarter. All this makes it more difficult to grow out of the debts.
Financial markets and especially interbank markets are increasingly showing signs of resembling the conditions preceding the global financial crisis conditions – strongly suggesting that another banking crisis is just around the corner.
But this time it will hit the Euro zone countries when their public debt levels are much higher. This will leave much less room for rescuing operations.
Not the sole culprit
Germany sees excessive sovereign debts in some countries as the root of the problem. If this problem is addressed properly and solved then the crises should disappear.
But a…...

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