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The Domain Name Server

Definition: The DNS translates Internet domain and host names to IP addresses. DNS automatically converts the names we type in our Web browser address bar to the IP addresses of Web servers hosting those sites.

Because domain names are alphabetic, they're easier to remember. The Internet however, is really based on IP addresses. Every time you use a domain name, therefore, a DNS service must translate the name into the corresponding IP address. For example, the domain name might translate to The DNS system is, in fact, its own network. If one DNS server doesn't know how to translate a particular domain name, it asks another one, and so on, until the correct IP address is returned. The DNS was designed to resolve or simply match up the IP address associated with the device to the friendly URL name on the other end. The domain name sever’s function in life is to resolve (translate) the user-friendly Web address to the hard to remember IP addresses from somewhere else. Therefore network providers are responsible for having their own DNS databases updated and in sync, with their outside counterparts, when their trying to talk to one another, because only companies IP addresses will match up with one another on the same network. DNS Server Configuration Types:
DNS servers can be configured as one of the following types: Caching-only server A caching-only name server maintains a cache of resolved domain name-to-IP address mapping. The caching-only server does not have control over any specific zone, but it communicates with other master servers in resolving the IP addresses. Master with no slave server A master server has control over a specific DNS zone and is regarded as the authoritative server for address resolution of the specific zone. The master server also responds…...

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