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The local program that I am reporting on is DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network). Their mission: Is to end domestic violence by empowering women, survivors, and fostering communities where abuse is not tolerated. Their vision: DAWN is working to create a community that has not tolerance for domestic violence.
They have very high values of:
1: Services to clients above all else, where programs are offered and resources that empower clients.
2: Commitment to excellence
3: Respect and value each person’s cultural identity
4: Educate and advocate to foster communities that do not tolerate violence
5: Careful and judicious use of funds and all other assets. In 2010 Dawn served a total of 16,235 clients. Some of the services provided were:
The 203 women and families that received help from DAWN’s House, which is the confidential emergency shelter that they offer.
The Safe Nights Housing program (hotels and motels vouchers) helped 203 women and their families.
They have 137 support groups
Legal Advocacy helped 836 women, men and teens.
Transition to Permanent Housing program helped 38 women.
They also gave $34,520 in direct rent and utility assistance to 29 households (84 clients).
194 were referred to their mental health services. DAWN receives funding from community donations, Corporate Donations, Charitable donations from employers and their employees as well as fundraising.
This agency offers training programs for thoughts who wish to get training to help with support groups or other areas. You may receive this training free of charge if you sign a volunteer contact of 3 hours a week for a year. These training programs are very in-depth, and provide a lot of information so that you can provide the best quality services to clients. The training is broken down into 3 different areas
1. Advocacy Training
2. Volunteer and Advocacy Training

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