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The Importance of Data Accuracy
Lisa Simpson
University of Phoenix
CIS 319: Computers and Information Processing
August 18, 2008

The accuracy of data input is an important function of our daily lives. We rely heavily on data accuracy for everyday tasks and trust that this data is accurate so we can maintain our personal, educational, and professional lives. Before the technology age, we simply entered all data manually or had the benefit of limited uses of typewriters, calculators, or faxing documents to others. Now most of us have access to a number of computers, a cell phone, and email. There are various ways of imputing data and which provide various output methods. In addition, there are several storage tools that we are dependent on to ensure our collected data is saved and utilized. With printed questionnaires, either entering data on the computer manually with the keyboard or using a mouse to update obtained information. When writing out data manually, such as handwriting or by using shorthand, the data may not be read correctly. Human error is the greatest error in obtaining any statistical information. By using the keyboard method, it will avoid those manual errors. Among this method's advantages, one of the most important is that most people are familiar with using keyboards and keyboard/mouse layout, so there is little training required for using keyboards. One great advantage of obtaining printed questionnaires is that one can utilize an optical mark recognizer. The optical mark is a pencil mark that is filled in, or bubbled in, by the person completing the survey. Once this data is received, it is scanned into the computer providing the results of the survey. This is a convenient and accurate data input method that captures that data by contrast and reflects at predetermined positions on a page (such as ranking on a scale…...

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