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Contrast and Comparison Reflection Essay
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Educators say that reading is a very important skill that needs to be developed early in life. Some parents start to read to their babies before they are born. Not only does it help to develop language skills it can educate and take you places you’ve never been before. Frederick Douglas and Richard Rodriquez are two writers that contributed great works of art to society. In spite of being born nearly 150 years apart; both had a profound need to educate themselves by learning to read. Self-determined and motivated by the desire for education they both accomplished what they set out to do.
Frederick Douglas was born a slave and received his first teachings from the mistress of the house. After the mistress was commanded by her husband not to teach him anymore, Frederick had to resort to different ruses to learn to read and write. Frederick was a slave and slaves were not allowed to read or write. If caught slaves were beaten and tortured or even worse killed sometimes for trying to learn to read and write.
Richard Rodriquez on the other hand was born after minorities were free to get an education. Fredrick was a slave that knew that being able to read and write was his only ticket to freedom, and for Richard it meant academic success. At home he was watched closely to make sure he was not trying to read anything. One day she found him reading a newspaper which made her furious because she knew that education and slavery were incompatible with each other. There was nothing more dangerous to slavery then education.
This would not stop him. After the mistress stop instructing him, Fredrick had to think of other ways to learn how to read and write. The thought of being a slave for life was something he could not bear. He would talk about this subject…...

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