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It has been sad that people will go to great lengths to acquire drugs which cause a certain “high“ experience .Even legalisation protests ,e.g. the world movement to legalise weed which is currently taking place all over the internet.so we took initiative to find out what Botswana’s youth thought on the issue of legalising illicit drugs.

Interview 1
Interviewer: do you do drugs?
Scholar: no I don’t.
Interviewer: Have u ever wanted to do drugs?
Scholar: Because I am not a fan of drugs. I feel that they would destroy my life I start
Interviewer: Do u think legalisation of illicit drugs is a solution to abuse?
Scholar: But how can that be a solution? No. Relying on any type of drugs to be happy is not right and is no way to live life,
Interviewer: Why do u say it’s not right ?Isn’t life about what makes one happy so what if it is right to that person as it is the only way she/he can have a happy life, are they still wrong?
Scholar: Life is what u make of it, so when u take drugs then you are letting something else control your life, you are giving away your power to something as petty as drugs? No thank you.
Interviewer: Is there an upside legalisation? I mean don’t u think the intake of drugs could be monitored and henceforth reducing chancing of addiction?
Scholar: Well I don’t think so because even though alcohol is legal and they try to regulate the total amount a person can take, it just never works, people still get wasted so it would probably be the same.
Interview 2

Interviewer: Have u ever had a desire to do drugs?
Scholar: Yes, yes I have.
Interviewer: Have you ever given in? Have u done drugs before
Scholar: Yes, yes I have tried a few
Interviewer: How did it feel?
Scholar: I felt like a totally different person I usually have self-control no matter what i take but it was just on another level but an extreme head ache the next day.…...

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