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Andy Sachs:

Power trigger: exchanged working for Miranda in order to receive a better job in journalism.

Relations Trigger: External attributions: wear dolce and gabbana clothes she will be seen as a fashionista. Social-identification: Near the end when she finally adapted to the firm, did what she had to do to be around the people she liked in the end.

Values trigger: Goal Identification: Near the end, temporary at the end, but changed her ways because she didn’t want to be like that. Internal attribution: Test of her own skills: get the harry potter book, scarves, had to put up with all the bitch work.

Miranda Priestly:

Power Trigger: manipulation, you don’t do what I tell you to do, you’re fired. Expertise trigger: been in the business for so long, knows what she's talking about. Leader identification: subordinates follow her commands, cause she's the boss.

Relation triggers: social-attribution triggers: if I act a certain way, put up a front, things will get done and she will be seen as a successful business woman/entrepreneur.

Value trigger: Goal Identification: She has common values because this is her industry. Internal Attribution: test of her own skills, testing leadership skills, fashion show for James Holt, went to James fashion show before the show even started, testing her own skills.

Emily Blunt:

Power Trigger: Exchange: Working in order to go to Paris. Manipulation Trigger: Manipulating Andy for her own benefit stays the main assistant.

Relation Triggers: External Attribution: Treated Andy poorly to be seen as the first assistant in everyone’s eyes, puts Andy down in front of other employees to make herself seem superior.

Value Triggers: Goal Identification: She wants to go to Paris; common goal Internal Attribution: she is testing her own skills by memorizing the guest names; even though she failed.…...

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