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In the era of digital economy or the so-called information age, the words information and communication technology have become a byword or a common terminology. This is particularly true among users and enthusiasts where computers and telecommunication systems are part of the provisions of the workplace.
The term information and communication technology refers to a collective and generic term that covers the broad range of systems, devices, hardware, peripherals as well as variety of programs or software used in conjunction with computers and telecommunication devices in aid of doing electronic-based business transactions.
In many instances, the phrase information technology (IT) is often associated with and used interchangeably or synonymously with the broader phrase information and communication technology. The truth is, that IT and ICT have different technical meanings but they have something common in context. The phrase information technology by itself connotes a narrower meaning limited in context by the use of information in association or coordination with computer technologies or hardware with link up and connectivity appeared to be set aside or given not much emphasis.

Basic Functions of Information and Communication Technology

Capture Function – takes the form of a task that is done by way of using devices like scanners and cameras thus allowing storage of vital data and information for future use.
Processing Function – it made computers extremely popular as it is now. The most common activity usually associated with computers and voluminous numeric data. Expedient processing of data is usually the purpose for which people and business organizations purchase computers. It entails converting, analyzing, and synthesizing all forms of data or information. One of the earliest business…...

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