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Easy French
Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency—FAST!

Myrna Bell Rochester

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..._______________________________________ Week 2 discussion Share with the class the status of your Doc Study. Are there any words of wisdom you can share? Status and Wisdom My committee chair sent my DocStudy to committee member for approval; I aim to complete the program this term. Doctoral students should address any concerns to our committee chair for help because doubts can easily cause unnecessary headache.   Respectfully, Evens Baptiste Dr. Tom and classmates, I am finalizing APA formatting issues and "cleaning up" the last revisions to section 1 and 2 of my Doctoral study. I plan to submit these sections to my chair and committee for approval this term per my chairs approval. My suggestion is to stay focused on your work. It is very easy to let next steps of your work get off track. Susan My chair submitted my doc study to the Methodologist seven days ago for final review/approval. Once approved it will go to the URR. I hope to get past this stage as soon as possible so I can graduate. This has been a challenging and testing experience. Phil Smit Dr. Tom,   This weekend I will review Section 1 and 2 in order to (hopefully) finalize for Committee review.  Words of wisdom: set small attainable goals in order to get to where you want to be.   Marisa  I am currently working on wrapping up my study after collecting data. My words of wisdom is to work hard, study hard, but do not neglect to play hard when you can. I learned that valuable lesson when a tornado hit......

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