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Usage of e-book increases rapidly among students according to e-book offers benefits for their studying. E-book is kind of ‘electronic versions of titles that are, were, or could be available as hard copy books, and therefore resemble books in their structure and presentation’(Briddon et al, 2009 p46). E-book has no differences between the printed books as it includes published information, numbered pages, table of contents, articles, figures and references. It also has numerous of formats, for instances, PDF, CHM, UMD, PDG and EXE, that users could read it on the screen of personal computer, laptop, Smartphone and any other kind of computer. This essay will examine the educational benefits of e-books from the point of view of student users and show e-book’s advantages, which include accessibility, money saving and portability. In the following paragraphs, the essay will firstly show the accessibility of e-book and limitation; secondly, money saving and one of the argument about used book; portability come last.

Accessibility is the main advantage that students can benefit from by using e-book. Tedd and Large (2005) illustrated that e-book can be 24/7 accessible in many academic libraries via their digital libraries. Both Briddon et al and Jamali et al (2009) states that accessibility is the major benefit of e-book, users can get e-book through internet anywhere and whatever time they want instead of going to the library on purpose. Therefore, it would be convenience for students to get sources from academic libraries online, students could save a larger amount of time in their daily life and study. From the research of Shelburne (2009) 55 percent of graduates and 64 percent of undergraduate students use e-book for studying. Sometimes text books are highly required from the students during the reading weeks and exam periods. It will be difficult for libraries to…...

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