Ecommerce and Its Infrastructural Challenges

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The business community in the past decade has been characterised by debate over the value or effectiveness of e-Commerce and how this type of technology needs to be implemented. During this period the business world has witnessed many examples of failures of Internet based business. Many countries around the world are trying to build and enhance their internet infrastructure and utilize services related to the Internet such as e-Commerce, information connectivity, accessibility, etc. However, studies indicated that network and hardware requirements are not always the major barrier for progressing in these goals. In some cases, cultural, legal or environmental factor may dominate the type of barriers for the expansion of internet related service in many countries around the world. This paper presents challenges and requirements for the enhancement of e-Commerce services in particular for Nigeria.
There is little doubt that the high failure rate in Dot.Coms had much to do with misconceptions regarding the ease with which e-Commerce could be implemented. Unrealistic expectations caused tried and tested business rules to be abandoned as hyperbole over took sound business sense. Although it is clear today that the Internet and the Web can facilitate business processes to add value to organisations, the technology has to be managed with considerable care.
This research reports on a case study conducted in Kalahari Nigeria, whose parent Company is a well known South African e-Tailing business outfit. The case study highlights several valuable lessons to do with the evaluation of an e-Commerce investment and how to ensure its success. Specifically the case study closely examines aspects of Kalahari’s IS infrastructure management policy, and identifies a set of preliminary e-Commerce success dimensions. Also it identified several dependent and independent…...

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