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Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) versus Environmental Financial Accounting (EFA): If so, what is the significance of knowing the better accounting method to use when identifying environmental cost?

It has become indispensable for companies to increase their responsibility regarding all facets of the environment and to acclimatize existing practices to cause limited environmental impairment; more especially at this present time when stakeholders linger ‘bitterly’ about how corporate failure have influence organization’s environmental performance and measurement issues. Yoking this emergent obligation within the corporate sector is consequently a strategic component in any strategy for accomplishing the goal of sustainable development; and evaluating the viability of such a strategy requires both the resolution of scientific and manufacturing problems; and also the attention of how organization’s account for environmental cost to demonstrate their corporate social responsibilities.
The Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) and the Environmental Financial Accounting (EFA) are the two mainstream accounting approaches that have allowed an upsurge in the demand for relevant information to augment…...

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