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In order to provide academic insight into the issue of youth binge drinking; the following essay will present an overview of the issues associated with youth binge drinking, compare relevant statistics, discuss the relevant economic model and present a critical analysis on the effectiveness of an alcopops tax. The term binge drinking is defined as the consumption of a sufficiently large amount of alcohol, which places the drinker at increased risk of experiencing alcohol related problems and to places others at risk of second hand effects (Wechsler &
Nelson, 2001).
Binge drinking is measured as the consumption of five or more drinks, in a row at some stage, within a two-week period for men and four or more drinks in a row for women
(Wechsler & Nelson, 2001). Youth binge drinking is perceived to be an issue from a societal perspective due to the dose-related adverse consequences. The inappropriate consumption of alcohol by youths is directly linked to a range of problems to society, including health issues, lower life expectancy, accidents, reduced workplace productivity, drink driving, violence and other forms of crime (Collins & Lapsley, 2008). Hospital records of alcohol related harm to youths show an increased of up to 70% when drinking alcopops (University of
Queensland, 2013). The economic costs to society for binge drinking in 2010 was estimated to be in excess of $14 billion (Figure 1) (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2013) (Manning &
Smith, 2013).

Figure 1: Cost to society of alcohol related issues 2010 (Australian Institute of
Criminology, 2013)
Australia has had many policies and plans to reduce alcohol consumption, including the
National Health Policy on Alcohol in Australia (1989) and the Implementation of the National
Health Policy in Australia. The most recent effort to affect the alcohol consumption rate, is the
National Drug Strategic Framework.…...

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