Eden Robinson: Incorporating Her Beliefs Into Her Work

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Eden Robinson: Incorporating her beliefs into her work
A value is something that someone individually believes is important, Eden Robinson has demonstrated 3 of her values from the characters in her novel as well as her life. Loyalty is showing constant appreciation and support towards someone or something. Spirituality is the state of being spiritual and believing in spirits and supernatural people or objects. Determination is when someone decides that something is so important to them that no matter what pulls them down they will preserver to pull themselves back up. It is clear that Eden Robinson incorporates several aspects of her own life into the novel Monkey Beach, which became evident throughout the exploration of Robinsons values of loyalty, and determination.
Throughout the novel Monkey beach and Robinson’s life it has become clear that Robinson is a loyal person and values loyalty. Robinson values loyalty as she has grown up with and chooses to embrace her large knowledge of her culture. A fact is that Robinson was, “Born at Haisla Nation Kitamaat Reserve, daughter of a Haisla father and Heiltsuk mother grew up in Kitamaat territory on British Columbia's central coast.” (Canadian encyclopedia 1) Robinson left her hometown when she went to university but, “after many years of travel and city life, Robinson returned to Kitamaat Reserve in 2003.” (Canadian encyclopedia 1) She did not need to come back to the Kitamaat territory, her career as an author had begun but instead she goes back to be loyal to her family, culture and town. This value is also portrayed in the novel by the way the main character, Lisamarie, was being loyal to her brother when the boat he was on sank she decides to go out alone to catch up with her parents to look for him. Lisa says “I’m coming down as fast as I can. I should have gone with them. I should have gone.” (Robinson 136)…...

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