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Editorial Evaluation
(Crumley) “The Dismissed DSK Case: Everyone’s A Loser” is the article selected for the editorial evaluation. This article was written by Bruce Crumley which was published in Time magazine on August 24, 2011. This is about the dismissed sexual assault case charged by Nafissatou Diallo, a hotel maid, against Dominque Strauss-Khan (DSK), who was then an International Monetary Fund chief. (2011)
Just by the title (Crumley) “Everyone’s A Loser” the reader can already tell that it is literally the inference of the author after the case was dismissed. The author maintained his inference by describing the effects of the case to both parties and to most of the readers. (2011)
The author pointed out the inferences of Diallo’s supporters that “they were thrown under the bus by the prosecutors” with their assumption that the prosecution was “fearful of losing a high profile attempted rape case against a rich and powerful man”. According to the supporters, the prosecutors requested for a dismissal “based on lies she told that had nothing to do with her accusations of assault.” The “lies had nothing to do with the accusations” had been identified as a statement of appeal to prejudice by poisoning the well because the request for dismissal was 25 pages and there were other facts why the prosecutor made his inference and decided to request for dismissal. Consequently, Diallo became a loser because her attacker was now free although she could pursue a civil case. (Crumley, 2011)
Meanwhile, DSK and his allies indicated that the case dismissal (Crumley) “confirms their long insistence the assault claims were untrue,” which is a slanted statement to prejudice because the case was never tried and the reason for dismissal was about the lies of Diallo. As a result of the charges against him, he was forced to leave his post at the International Monetary Fund, he had…...

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