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Effective Teamwork 11/30/2015 SOC/110 Professor Rowell

An effective team has strong leadership where the team leader not only recognizes what they bring to the team but what each team member brings as well. A strong leader protects their team and doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Respect is a very important characteristic of an effective team because if members of the team disrespect each other and put down team member’s ideas, productivity could possibly slow down because team member’s willingness to contribute ideas and solutions might diminish due to disrespectful communication between members. Open and honest communication between team members and the team leader is important because without communication team work would be impossible. When members of a team feel like they can voice their opinion or ideas that they may have without having to choose words carefully ideas and solutions will get shared more freely. Disagreements and debates are more than likely going to happen when you are working on a team, if they are done respectfully they can help the team reach their common goal. There are different types of roles that team members can take on when working in teams, there are group task roles that affect the team’s ability to achieve their common goal, for example the information seeker asks for facts and information that is needed for the group to be aware of information gaps. Group maintenance roles affect how group members get along together while working towards their common goal. One group maintenance roll is the harmonizer, the harmonizer helps find ways to solve problems between group members and knows the importance of teamwork and how it’s important for the group’s common goal for the team to get along. Self-centered roles put an individual’s needs before the needs of other group members and the group’s common…...

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