Effective Time Management

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Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management
Pursuing my degree is one of the best decisions of my life, but there have been some issues in accomplishing it. The biggest issue, because I chose to go to school later in life, is effective time management. With family, a full-time job, and school responsibilities, there isn’t much time available for anything else including sleep. In order to accomplish my goal, I need to learn how to effectively manage my time.
The problem with learning how to manage my time is how I can learn the techniques and where do I find quality information on the subject of time management. There was an unlimited amount of information on the web and also great information in the University of Phoenix Library. I used Google Scholar to find some really good information as well as time management assessments to better help with a solution. I have to find information that is effective and has been tested or proven to work. There are many proven ways to manage time, but you have to select the one that best works for your situation and your lifestyle. I believe that the best information comes from the people who are professionals on the subject or have been in your position and overcome it.
I know that in order to manage my time effectively, I need to overcome procrastination. I know that it is a problem and it needs to be addressed. According to Rick Johnson, CEO of Strategist LLC, procrastination is the breeding ground for incompetence. I believe that to be true and that’s why I need to conquer it. Rick Johnson also says, referring to procrastination, “If we don't learn to conquer it, we will not maximize our effectiveness and become everything we can be. I will not be able to conquer procrastinating without learning and executing effective time management.
In order to manage your time successfully, having an…...

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