Effective Training Program Influence Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

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To be successful, industry must focus more on service quality and their customer’s needs and wants. Reason why must focus on needs and wants of their customer and service quality is because customer will seek for solution when they needs or wants something and they always look for better service quality. If the industry can produce something according to customer needs and wants then they will success. Customer will return to the particular industry if they receive quality service and quality product that they want. Customer will be satisfied if they get what they want. To achieve service quality and customer satisfaction must have valuable human resources. Through training and development program, employee will be become more perfect to achieve service quality. Therefore, training and development program that will influence service quality and customer satisfaction are very important for an organization to be successful.
Keywords: Service quality, customer satisfaction, training and development program

I would like to acknowledge the important role of Ms.Adeline Yong, my tutor for teaching us how to write a research proposal, how to find journal, how to set up questionnaire, how to collect data and how to use SPSS system. This research proposal is one of my coursework to review the relationship between training program, customer satisfaction and service quality.

Introduction In this research proposal, include explanatory study that will seek to test the effective training program influence service quality and customer satisfaction. The first section of the proposal introduces the proposed study. Nowadays organizations need to make themselves different from all the competitors. The most important part to make them different and special is good service quality that can achieve highest customer satisfaction. According to Hansemark…...

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