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 Reaching out to new customers:
 Standing out from other businesses:
 Meeting existing customer needs:
 Keeping customers informed of news and updates:
The company is in need of an update from their current hand written orders and analog telephones. To reach out to new customers they need to advertise to the public’s eye and not from a phonebook. They need to have commercials and billboards that will attract new customers as well as reach current customers. To stand out from any other business that provides networking components and services they need to offer better quality for the price.
To meet current customer needs they need to have an email and a website set up so they can get the orders faster. Hand writing them can cause major confusion if the order is wrote down wrong or if someone can’t read hand writing. To keep the customers informed of news and updates they should have an email client list that they can send all the necessary information to those that want to know.
For visibility, I recommend television commercials, radio commercials, and billboard adds that way people can see and hear what you have to offer. Also create a website that lists your services, give them a way to contact you without having to call in to ask what services you offer. Another way is social media, just about everyone in the business industry has a Facebook and/or Tweeter account to advertise their services and some offer special deals through them as well to get new…...

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