Effects of Religion

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Effects of Religion


July 17, 2014
Cynthia Stewart

Effects of Religion

Organized religion affects people and society in many different ways. The functional perspective of religion states that religions are found everywhere because they are useful for both people and society; meaning that they are helpful in defining who people are and making the world around them logical and understandable (Fisher, 2014, p. 4). People find solace in their religious practices believing that there is a divine being or entity much higher than they are guiding them along their life journey. People have a need for stability and for some people; religion brings them that stability through peace, hope, strength and guidance during good times and bad. Some believe that their religious beliefs have helped them become a better person, stopped them from smoking or drinking, and that the power of prayer has helped them to heal from illness. Religious ideals can radically transform people for the better; like that of Mahatma Gandhi, who used meditation and Hindu scripture to change from a shy, fearful child to “one of the greatest political figures of the twentieth century” (Fisher, 2014, p. 6). Religion can also have negative effects. Some religions practice the belief that their religion is right and true which does not create hate but does create negative views of other people of different religions. There is also a scientific materialistic belief that religions have been created and used to manipulate people; as in supporting and serving secular power (Fisher, 2014, p. 4). There are also cases of religious leaders who may not be honest with their inner motives, mistaking their own ideals for divine guidance; using their leadership and power to dominate and control their followers. A severe example of this type of negative religious…...

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion I have seen a variety of different organized religions and the effects it has had on society. One of which that I have seen is the religion of the Christian Scientists the effects that I have seen on society and first hand from a family member that switched to this religion is there way of thinking that prayer is medicine and therefore do not seek out medical attention, visit doctors or believe in medicine. The effects on society I believe on this religion carry from past beliefs into the present. One example of this that I have seen firsthand is a family that has had a child and her hip didn’t form correctly causing many issues and a 3 inch difference in length of her legs. They believe prayer is the answer and that God will fix this problem. Another effect of that organized religion has had on society is beliefs of woman having to be covered from head to toe and not exposing their bodies as the Islamic/Muslims. I think within society and being there are so many different religions present especially in America that often times there are levels of criticism and judging. People in today’s society often jump the gun to seeing people and judging them when events like 9-11 occurred. I am looking forward to taking this class and learning more about different types of religions and the effects on society. I believe there are many good aspects to each religion and by personal preference we judge and view other religions as being wrong or not......

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Religion definitely affects people in many different ways and even includes the lack of religion in my opinion. I have always seen religion as a base or back bone for a persons up bringing. I think that our values and morals all stand on the base of religion as many times if not most everything we do is in some way tied to our own personal religious backgrounds. This can be something as simple as feeling guilt for not donating to charity to making life and death medical decisions, such as refusing a blood transfusion that could save a life. I think one of the biggest and most obvious world events that is an example of organized religion having an effect would have to be terrorism and the religious ties some believe they have. Unfortunately I think people stereotype as much as we may not want too and some are persecuted for it while being innocent of such things. Another event that has affected our world due to religion would be the cults that are formed and result with the ending of life in a mass suicide. While this is luckily not seen too often, we do from time to time hear about a so-called prophet who convinced a group of people that he was here to take them to heaven, that by ingesting some substance they will die and ascend to heaven, leaving this world behind. Who can say which religion is right and which is wrong? I believe any religion can be seen as right as long as it brings peace to those who believe in what they worship and...

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion When organized religion seeks to teach people how to live and how to appreciate the essence of life, realization of goals is achieved. However, when people are encouraged to commit contemptible and staggering acts in the name of God, it gives rise to immoral things. History supports this claim in many ways but for this writing; the focus is on war and hate crimes. Wars, triggered by organized religion have made their mark in history. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the crash of the plane in Pennsylvania all had a religious connection, radical Fundamentalist Muslim terrorists. Organized religion has created religious warfare. * “The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, March 1, 1992 and December 14, 1995, involved three religious groups (Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Serbian Orthodox) and effectively caused genocide of the Muslims. * East Timor, a Roman Catholic country, was forcefully occupied by Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country. Thirty percent of the population were murdered, suffered starvation or died of disease. East Timor countered Indonesia’s occupation by voting for independence. However, through a strategically engineered system of genocide and religious purging, many Christians were annihilated or banished by the Indonesian army.  * Since 1987, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Uganda, have been at war with Christian rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army...

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...allowed and strictly prohibited in most religion because it gives bad effect towards people who involve in terms of health, perception of people and behaviour. Taking care of our health is essential in life because health defines the healthiness of us. Changing sex into opposite gender it’s not an easy way because in order to change it a sex affirmation is needed for a particular person to undergo. There are some effects which will causes towards the end of surgery for example the person will had some infection to their sexual organs which can leads the damages of the hormone. Furthermore, the risk of having HIV is high this is because of the activities that they are involved by having the intimacy. HIV can be transferred from one person to another when blood or assured body fluids from an infected person get into. In addition, the perception of people will give a total change towards the person who is having sex changes. Nowadays, people are being so judgemental they even judge small mistake which commit by their surroundings. Imagine those people who transmit their gender they will received bad feedback from people. The acceptation of the people towards them is not that easy to adapt with the changes happen. Moreover, if these transvestites want to speak up their opinion they might had been deceived by their surroundings, they’ll gained lack of attention from the others so do the trust. This is happening to them because most of the religion is not allowed the sex changes......

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Religion can affect people in many different ways. List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples. This question made me think. There has been a lot of religion tied in with politicians recently, or at least it always seems as if a politician uses religion as a reason for why they voted, or did not vote, a certain way. One of the most recent things I remember is when we had to vote on whether or not to allow same sex unions in Minnesota. Almost everyone that was against it stated the reason it was wrong was because the bible said it was. In my opinion religion should not have been involved when it came to deciding on a law, and a person’s religious belief should not have an influence on government issues. Another example I thought of shows how some religion can cause a fear of the unknown. Witches, or those who study Wiccan, used to be feared in a way that was detrimental to their health. The example I think of is the Salem witch trials. People, mostly females, were burned at the stake in this time period simply because they could do things that religion could not understand. The ‘religious’ believed it was the work of the devil. I remember reading somewhere that some of the people accused as witches were simply showing the side-affects, i.e. hallucinations, of being allergic to the wheat in bread....

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Billy Joe HUM/130 Eric Stauffer June 04, 2012 Organized religion has been and still is used for the good and the bad. “Huge numbers of people have been killed in the name of eradicating false religions and replacing them with true religion” (Fisher, 2005, p. 28). Problems are caused by religion because each person has their religion, and each religion thinks they are right and the other religions are wrong. Religion is supposed to unite people, teach people to love and respect one another but instead it has created war, and has divided people. With people thinking that they are right, it causes them to hate and kill other people with different beliefs. They will compete with each other on who is right, and who seems to be godlier. The Crusades was an event in the past, it was war between the Christians and Moslems. According to “The Crusades” (n.d.), “The Crusades were great military expeditions undertaken by the Christian nations of Europe for the purpose of rescuing the holy places of the Palestine from the hands of the Mohammedans” (The Crusades – What were the Crusades). Each religion thought that they had the right to have the holy places which resulted in wars between these religions. Wars have happened because one religion feels they are godlier than the other so try to have all authority or power over the people. Another event was the Spanish Inquisition. According to “Freeman” (2012), “Reasons for the Inquisition included a desire......

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Submitted by: TaraAnne Lasky Prepared for: Renee Walker, PhD. HUM/130, Religions of the World AXIA College October 20, 2010 Religion is a very versatile and complex concept which can affect people in many different ways. People who are considered orthodox adhere to their beliefs in the historical form of their religion following established practices, laws and creeds. Many religions still have sects that are considered to be orthodox including Greek Orthodox and Orthodox Judaism. Of these groups, the people who are more stringent in their orthodox views feel an alienation from the larger groups of followers in that religion. Modernization, technology and a progressive society can be contributing factors to these expanses within a culture. These differences can sometimes cause wars that may span decades, based on who is following the religious word most closely. As in the current war or wars that are happening in the Middle East, two groups that adhere to the same religion and the same text have been fighting (and involving many other groups and cultures) over who is interpreting the text most closely to the way it was intended. Not all dealings with religion, be it strict or not, are cast in a negative light. It is often believed that religion is a tie that binds us all together and serves to bring people together for common survival and giving our lives a sense of purpose. (John Bowker). Many twelve step programs and...

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Effects of Religion

...Shelby Hooper HUM/130 Matthew Franks May 25, 2014 Effects of Religion Religion has affected society both good and bad throughout life. Most religions help and improve individual in social virtues; how to choose right over wrong regardless of personal desire. Some occurrences affect society easily while others leave a bad effect. For instance, one way religion has had an unfavorable effect on society is the way Muslims have been handled since the outbreak on September 11, 2001. Since these outbreaks, Muslims have had a hard time trying to fit into a society. Many of the population are arbitrary and scared of people of the Muslim religion. Some people tend to categorize all people of the alike faith as one, consider them all the same when they aren’t. The people of the Muslim faith have had to face overwhelming discrimination. Their religion has had an unfavorable effect on their lives because of a group of individuals that were misguided by society. Following the faith of the terrorist has made many people feel that all Muslims are terrorist making normal life difficult for many. This world happening has made religion negative in society. Another returning event that effects society is religion hampering a woman’s right to eliminate a pregnancy. Society has different emotions and thoughts about women and eliminate of pregnancies. While most religions feel that women should not end a pregnancy, many people in society feel it should be a woman’s choice. Some people......

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...Effects of Religion Hum/130 1/24/2015 Samantha Posey William Lehhman . Effects of Religion There are many ways in not only today’s society but in the past where different types of religion all around the world has affected our society in one way or another, and not all of them are positive ways in fact I don’t think many are at all. I chose to use the September 11th, in 2001, attacks from the Muslims and how during the society today those of that religion are not trusted from most of the Americans today. Most people feel that they are a threat to us, so they get judged and have a hard time living the American dream that they have wanted. Muslims are not all a threat, yes, what happened on 9/11 was horrifying and very sad, but why do all those of the Muslim religion have to be treated like terrorists? They shouldn’t but because the United States is scared of something like that happening they won’t turn their head and they will continue to look at them all the same. The Muslims people have had to feel a great amount of discrimination, the most negative effect this religion has on them is from what those who were in a part in doing wrong buy our society. There are many things that religion has impacted our society in. Terminating a pregnancy is a women’s right, and because of religion some women do not get to terminate if that is what they desire. Many people have mixed emotions of if this is right or wrong. What may be right for......

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...Mr. T. Campbell Religions Effect on Society For as long as humans have had the ability to reason, they have attributed the natural phenomenon of the world around them to deities, spirits, and supernatural forces. Religion has played a huge role in the development of societies and civilizations throughout history. It has been a guide for morals and principal. It has been a foundation of law for many cultures. The positive aspects of religion are recognized and cherished among its followers, however there are other effects, some well-known, and others ignored, that are not so positive. Just some examples of these effects are: wars, discrimination, control, the retardation of science, the denial of healthcare, and death. This argument seeks to research and describe some of the negative effects religion has had on mankind, and thus the world. Certainly the most notable negative impact on society is religious wars. A religious war or holy war is a conflict primarily caused or justified by differences in religion. The account of the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites in the Book of Joshua; the Muslim conquests of the 7th and 8th centuries; the Christian Crusades, 11th to 13th centuries; Wars of Religion, 16th and 17th centuries. These are the classic examples, but a religious aspect has been a part of warfare as early as the battles of the Mesopotamian city-states in 700BC. Throughout recorded history, more wars have been waged in the name of religion than any other reason....

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Your name here Axia College of University of Phoenix Instructor name here Date here Effects of Religion Religion affects the world every day. Some of these effects are small while others are large. One of the affects religion has on society is war. For example: The Palestinians are fighting against the Israelis in what seems like a never-ending war over land and religion: Hitler ordered the killing of Jews because he thought they were enemies based on their faith: And look to the current conflict in the Middle East to confirm that religious differences spark conflict. Another effect that religion has on society is disagreement. Disagreements on abortion, homosexual marriage and prayer in school are argued on a daily basis. Due to religious differences and feeling forced to participate in prayer, court cases have been brought and won restricting prayer in school. A 1992 ruling by The Supreme Court barred clergy-led prayers; and if prayer does happen in school it must be led by students and generally must be silent. For most people, marriage is based on the religious ceremony. Catholics get married by a Priest, Christians get married by a Preacher, and Jews get married by a Rabbi. People who are not Catholic convert religions because the person they want to marry is Catholic and the Priest may not marry a non-Catholic to a Catholic. If the definition of marriage is changed to allow same-sex marriage, some Priests, Preachers, and......

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Effects of Religion

...Week 1 CheckPoint: Effects of Religion Religion has a way of gathering together some communities, but it as well can break up a society. There are bunches of unusual customs that have been exhibited all over history that can demonstrate how religion can bring together and separate these different groups. In the middle ages, the most well-liked religion was Catholicism. Catholicism appeared to be mixed up in every town and city. An assortment of people dwelled by the sound of the church chimes that would chime all over the city. The chimes would sound off alerting the town’s people of a death, birth or wedding that has just taken place. Sunday service was something that was always carried out. The power of the Catholic Church is not as powerful as it once was. Religion still seems to unite people. Several of the petite towns still carry out the old religion by the sound of the bells all the way through the town on unusual occasions. They believe that not only are the church family vital, but they are just as vital as the family you have at home. In addition, it is correct that some societies can be separated as well. The separating of a society can occur just as quickly as the bringing together of a society. Holy war has been happening for thousands of years. Religion has been the reason for millions of people’s death. A few people tend to think that their spiritual beliefs are more acceptable than the next person’s beliefs and that is the reason for the war being started.......

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Chris McCleary HUM/130 David Latoundji 9/9/11 There are many effects organized religion has had on society. Religion is like a tennis match where each side hits the ball back and forth, where the ball is the conflicts or disagreements religions may have on society. The conflicts or disagreements go back and forth between religions and society depending on the events happening within the religions and how these events affect society. For an example, the Muslim people and their religion has had a huge negative effect on society because of the World Trade Centers that was destroyed by serious attacks on September 11, 2001. The Muslim people were treated very unpleasant and hated among most of society since these attacks. Muslim people truly had a difficult time trying to fit into our society because of this, Muslim people and their faith have been stereotyped by many people in society as the same as those who were terrorists. Discrimination tendencies became a problem among our society, tagging all Muslim people terrorists and well hated. Furthermore, not truly understanding what Muslim people and their faith is all about and what they stand for, but the people in society would blame all Muslim people, causing such a negative effect on their lives just because a group of people proclaiming to be Muslim attacked our country. Another argumentative example would be how religion has had negative effect on society preventing women’s right...

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Effects of Religion

...are many in our group who are religious persons. Religion informs and inspires the values and visions that are part of one’s existence. It provides a backdrop for one’s life, present and future, terrestrial and beyond, real and visualized. The spiritual yearning has taken concrete forms in human history as different religions with deep historical, geographical cultural links. Though its essence transcends such links, it is through these that the religious experience becomes meaningful, enriching, and relevant in its observance. There have always been conflicts not only between those who hold particular versions of the religious spirit, but also between those who accept the validity of the religious experience as a genuine reckoning of something beyond the physical and the temporal, and those who reject it altogether for whatever reason. The unhappy expressions of religions – of which there are and have been many - are well known in our own times. But the positive sides of religion are seldom effectively articulated, especially in groups committed to the epistemic hegemony of science. Therefore it is good that a number of IRASians, all of whom have great respect for science, are reflecting here on religion from positive perspectives. I am grateful to our members who responded to my invitation to write on this topic. some positive aspects of religion Philip Hefner The most important aspect of religion is its relentless struggle to focus on the......

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Effects of Religion

...Effects of Religion Effects of Religion Organized religion has affected society in various ways over hundreds of years. Religious beliefs help to give people a sense of hope and inner peace. Some turn to religion and the belief in a divine being when they need strength during times of struggle. Believing someone or something, is watching over and guiding him or her through a difficult time can give individuals hope and inner strength needed to make it through. Religious faith also gives some people peace of mind when thinking about death, and believing in the existence of an afterlife. An eternity with one’s savior seems a far greater privilege than life on earth, or anything one could conceptualize. Positive effects of organized religion bring groups together in a peaceful manner. When Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States for the first time in 2008, several thousands of people traveled long hours to hear the pope speak about issues affecting all religions with the same mindset and nature of goodwill as the Catholic Church. This brought people together peacefully and for a common cause. Church groups are another example. Most gather to help others in need, and put in a great deal of time and effort into making life better for people they do not even know. Some members even spend time in third world countries building safe homes, finding ways of producing fresh drinkable water, establishing ways to educate the young members of their communities, and bringing in......

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