Effects of Vermicast and Chicken Dung Mixed with Vermicast as Organic Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield of String Beans in Liloy National High School During the Months of July-October 2013

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A Research Paper
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Dr. Leah A. Gumela
Liloy National High School
Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements in Research II

Group 6
Zennia Mae S. Ramirez
Christine Ann L. Villarin
Eusebio P. Gamil jr.
Glomark O. Pahignalo
Glenda D. Daarol

IV - Newton
October, 2013
Nowadays, expensive chemical fertilizers are mostly used by farmers, but there are organic fertilizers which are very useful to crops that would give better results than chemical fertilizer and can conserve soil. With this, the researchers choose to conduct this study that aims to determine the effects of chicken dung and vermicast as organic fertilizer on the growth and yield of string beans. Chicken dung and vermicast are the two organic fertilizers use in the study. It will be applied to the string beans, and the growth and yield of the string beans will be observed in order to know the effects of chicken dung and vermicast on the string beans. The study will be beneficial to farmers, gardeners, local government unit such as DENR, DA, families who have gardens in their backyards and also those who love gardening. This will elevate family income to farmers and gardeners. This promotes healthy lifestyle because vegetables which are produced are chemical free. The researchers choose to conduct this study in order to have a clearer and deeper understanding on the use of chicken dung and vermicast as organic fertilizer and its effect on the growth and yield of plants. The study will also be a great help in promoting chicken dung.


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