Eight Signs and Miracles of Jesus Christ

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BIBL323 | Signs and Miracles | The Eight Signs and Miracles performed by Jesus Christ | | Sherell Andrews | 2/17/2013 |

The eight signs and miracles Jesus performed and how each reveals his deity. |

In the gospel of John there are eight signs and miracles that Jesus Christ performed; these signs and wonders are written so that you may believe Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. The first miracle stated in John was Jesus turning water into wine. He and his disciples arrived at a wedding celebration that was in progress. Mary, the mother of Jesus, came to him and told Him they ran out of wine; she knew he would find a way of getting more wine.[1] Jesus responded by saying his hour had not come yet. His mother had enough faith in Jesus and instructed the servants at the wedding to do what he ask them to do, He ask them to fill the water pots with water.[2] He miraculously changed the water into wine. This miracle is said to bring out new beginnings in the ministry of Christ. Many Scholars parallel Jesus turning water in to wine to his death and resurrection. You could explain it as a full circle in Christ ministry. John shows “Changing the water of Judaism into the wine of Christianity, the water of sins and being unsaved into the wine of eternal life in Christ and to be saved” [3] This miracle points to the deity of Christ in and the fullness of eternal life in Christ power over creation. The next miracles in the gospel of John are the healing of the nobleman’s son in verses 46-54. The Nobel man seems to be a high ranking official; He went to Jesus and begged Him to heal his dying son. Jesus reassures him that his son shall live and told the man to return home. The man believed Jesus and went on his way home. His servant met him in between and told him his son was alive; once the nobleman found out, he realized Jesus had power to speak a…...

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