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1). Do you think Alix Kates Shulman's marriage agreement is a good idea--why or why not? What do you agree with and what do you disagree with? How does she claim it saved her marriage and her career?
I think the marriage agreement idea is good because it does give a good structure to avoid complications. If you lay it all out and find balance things can be better understood organized, and respected. No one has to feel like a stay at home parent who doesn’t get to live their life and there isn’t any sexism, it provides equality in a marriage. I think it’s a great idea to even everything out between husband and wife so that one person isn’t put at a disadvantage in life. I agree that the contract can be helpful as Shulman showed it was in her marriage. However, I think it’s in some ways to strict and unnatural. It would be annoying to have to write in a log and live by specific dates and times and do everything on a specific schedule every day.
Schulman states that her marriage was saved as both she and her husband felt happier. They could spend more time together and with children and had balanced responsibilities. She no longer had the feeling that a lot of responsibility and household work was being put on her as her dreams were put aside. The agreement have her extra time to handle her personal affairs and dreams and this helped her career. She was able to achieve the things she wanted. She became a writer and published her own books.
2). In Hope Edelman's essay, how does she cope with similar frustrations--in a similar or disimilar way to Shulman?
The way that Edelman and Schulman coped with their marital frustrations were different. Edelman seemed more passive and flexible while Schulman had a more planned, strategic, and direct approach. Schulman basically made a written contract to settle her issues up front. Edelman however, waited for things to get…...

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...Kalvin Scott  Dr.Dorsey  English IV  4th period  The Story of an Hour  9/09/15    In “The Story of An Hour” we are opened up to Mrs.Mallard’s sister,Josephine preparing  to break the news of Brently Mallard’s alleged death.We are told in the very first few lines that  Mrs.Mallard has had heart trouble in the past and great care has been taken to break the news to  her.Most of the story takes place in the Mallard’s home,mainly in Louise’s bedroom.The setting  takes place there because right after the news of Brently’s death Mrs.Mallard goes to her room to  celebrate.    In the story Irony is shown when Louise reacts to the new’s of Brently’s death.As a  reader you expect her to fall down sobbing over his death,but instead she goes to her  bedroom,sits in her chair,and looked out the window.The window starts to whisper  “Free,Free,Free!”,Louise then realizes that Brently really loved her.Louise is overjoyed that she  has a “Free!Body and soul!Free”.The reader see that Louise excited about Brently’s death,but  Josephine does not see this.This is a case of Dramatic Irony as we read how happy Louis is and  how Josephine begs her to open the door thinking she is grieving.    As we get near the end of story Situation Irony occurs as we expect Louise to live happily  ever after,but this does not happen.As we know great care was taken to break the news to her,as  we were informed of Louise’s heart troubles.Basically we the readers know she was almost  being...

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