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The web design team is proposing that the current website be revamped if not completely redone. In order for them to do this they have decided to go with the RUP or rational unified process. This will allow them to be able to suit the requirements of the organization where it is implemented. This type of process will allow them to be able to modify the website as issues come in and they will be able to better connect with the customers who use the website. The RUP process uses six best practices or methodologies, which compared to other processes, are more modern in the approach and are used to develop a variety of software applications. The six are iterative development, manage requirements, component based architecture, visual software model, software quality verification and control changes. If the company follows these best practices the company will be successful in the RUP process for this project.
The RUP life cycle
RUP's life cycle consists of four consecutive phases: inception, elaboration, construction, and transition. In the inception phase, the concept behind the process is reiterated and the boundaries of the project are defined. In the elaboration phase, the problem domain is identified and architecture established. In the construction phase, the software is developed. Finally, in the transition phase, the product is sent to the user domain.
Inception Phase
The first phase of the process reiterates the concept of what they web design departments want. It defines the boundary or the project. Some of the things that will be determined in this phase include external factors, risk analysis as well as cost and budget. The final product of this phase is that a vision document detailing the project requirements, features and constraints. Phases and iterations are incorporated into the project plan. A forecast of the initial business case, risks, and…...

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