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Author White’s writings also serve as a Biblical interpretative aide in the 21st Century Seventh-day Adventist denomination. Those of her books most taken advantage of for biblical interpretations are the Seventh Day Adventist Bible Commentary, Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, Acts of the Apostles, The Desire of Ages, the Great Controversy and Steps to Christ. While the Bible is of it's self, self-interpretive, Author White’s writing is only or should only be used as an aide. Her writing should not be used to substitute the need for the illumination of the Holy Spirit, or to eliminate individual exegesis of the scripture under consideration. Author White’s writings are use by various categories of people for various reasons. Pastors and scholars used her writings for additional enlightenment; church members use them because they provide good readings for Christian growth, and even her critics read her writings in order to discredit her. Lastly, there are those who use it just to prove a point. For example in 2001when the USA experienced the 911 terrorist attack, a lot of non Seventh-day Adventist started to purchase her writings hoping to find the reason and interpretation of the madness that had just transpired. The reasons these book are considered beneficial for biblical interpretation is because her writings have proved to be inline with the Bible, her predictions come to past and her ethos/character complements her work and ministry. The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary gives text-by-text, and topical explanation/interpretation. However, before one turns to her Bible commentary, one should first spend time in wrestling prayer to receive spiritual enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. After that her writing is used as confirmation and further enlightenment. The book Patriarchs and Prophets basically covers every…...

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...Analysis 3 Ellen Moore Jenna Gilson Talal Khader Britton Larson Aubrey Morgan MGT 400 2/20/12 1. Identify the problems that the focal company/person in the case face. There is an unclear hierarchical reporting structure within the project team, making it impossible for  the project to continue and limits communication and knowledge transfer. The main problem that the Systems Consulting Group faces is that they need to complete their consulting project that they are behind schedule on, and need to choose a course of action quickly. 2. Identify underlying causes to the problem at hand There are many problems that are halting the progress of the project. The team is clearly suffering from lack of communication, disorganized team structure, unclear leadership and constant disagreement over the decision-making process. Business: The Korean structure appears to be hierarchical which seems to impact the understanding of relationships between consultants and clients of both the Americans and Koreans. Management: In Korea, respect for position and status influences how a project is executed. It is evident that power authority is undefined. Jack and Ellen don’t have a specific role, so there is an overlapping of power. As a result, subordinates are often confused and find it a bit hard to follow the lead of their superiors. There seems to be a lack of trust between Ellen and Jack......

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