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Ellen Moore: Living And Working In Korea A female American consultant Ellen Moore has to face different problems working in Korea as a project manager. The Korean project Ellen is managing is month behind schedule. The tensions have arisen between her and her Korean co-manager, and the Korean project director Mr.Song is blaming Ellen for the problems.
There obviously are differences between American and Korean culture. Some of the differences in relation to the Hofstede’s Framework: The Index of Power Distance is much higher in Korea (60; hierarchical society) than in America (40). Korea is considered as collectivistic society (Index of individualism = 18) contrary to very individualistic society – USA (91). The Masculinity Index of Korea is 39 which indicates that the culture is feminine; In USA the Masculinity Index is 62. 1. Why has the project run into problems?
There are several causes that have led the project to problems. And these are not only cultural differences. Firstly, I would like to mention the management aspect. There were some contradictions of the information given to both co-leaders regarding who is leading the team. It seems that the power of authority is not clearly defined which led to misunderstanding which role each person should play. It resulted in overlapping power. Jack had more commanding power over subordinates than Ellen, but it anyway inevitably created confusion between the subordinates.
As it was mentioned, there are great cultural differences between the two nations. And cultural aspects also created some significant issues that exacerbated the situation. Korea is considered to be hierarchical society. The leaders in Korea are not used to work and take decisions together. It is important to demonstrate strong leadership. This aspect brings out the previously discussed problem of overlapping power.
In the history of Korea…...

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