Emerging Influences of Healthcare

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Emerging Influences on US Healthcare and Its Affects
Mary K Gano
HC MGT 301

Mr. Anderson
October 23, 2015

There are some forces evolving in the United States that are creating an impactful change in the healthcare system as we know it. Not only has our access to healthcare improved, but more people are doing their own research and making informed decisions about the type of healthcare they feel is best for them. In addition, the focus on quality is likely to be enhanced because of coordination and aligned incentives. Consumers will control more of their health care dollars and consumers will become more active in their own health care leading to more consumer decision making. There are also changes in the workforce and the availability of individuals to provide the care which also adds to the need for our changing world to become innovative and look at the provision of healthcare from a different lens. As the sweeping transformation in health care takes hold, several representations appear to be taking shape. Each present’s their own challenges and opportunities, but the following represent different points on the spectrum as widespread emerging influences: medical tourism, workforce tsunami, and Program for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE). Medical tourism is a phenomenon in which patients are seeking healthcare services overseas (Dunn, 2010). Many times insurance firms encourage patients to pursue their healthcare needs in this fashion. There are several factors that led to this growing trend such as the growing dependence on technology, privatization of healthcare, and the enhanced globalization of both health care and tourism (Connell, 2006). Medical tourism is a rapidly growing trend and has become more prevalent in just the past decade. There are several reasons that it has gained widespread popularity. Some of the more common…...

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