Emerging Trends for Human Resource Management

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Emerging Trends for Human Resource Management
Nixza Y. Hernández
Human Resources Management - MGT/431
April 27, 2010
Igor Shegolev, SPHR

Our current economic and employment state, once again, reaffirms the need to change how we approach the old, “business as usual” adage. In fact, business has certainly been many things; however, “usual” has long since ceased to be one of them.
Recruiting tactics have grown from simple want ads to encompass sophisticated on-line employment applications and career day employment kiosks in schools and job fairs. Whether new or established, businesses address many similar issues from jobs descriptions and salaries, to employee retention and training, and of course the benefits and perks employees seek in a strong and stable company. To remain competitive, businesses must consider the inclusion of globalization, technology, diversity and e-business, all with an updated company-wide ethics practice to help the business navigate these new trends. As a result, businesses have the need to develop an improved human resource department, equipped to handle the many new areas that comprise the core success of any business today.

A business’ labor force is typically comprised of direct employees, contracted professionals and temporary staffs. Such an amalgamated workforce requires an informed and capable human resources department (hereinafter referred to as HR department), to address specific concerns for each employment category and its direct impact to the business. Each category brings different concerns from both employees and business’ viewpoint. A great part of successful businesses is the ability to provide their goods and services via the internet, thus expanding their client base globally. Here too, the HR department is instrumental in facilitating the business with personnel that is capable of…...

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