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This paper is about fortune 500 company McDonalds. First it goes over their main line of business. Next it goes over when the company became international, summing it up to 118 internationally countries now today. Then it goes over house McDonalds Implements the 4p’s of the marketing mix. Finally it gives some differences between some of the international countries.

There is a long list of fortune 500 international company in the service industry but one that stands out from them all is one that has been in business since 1940, McDonalds.
McDonalds is a the worlds largest worldwide fast food chain restaurant. They operate their business to high standards of honesty and integrity. (McDonalds, 2013) There motto is quality, service, cleanliness and value. McDonalds main target segments are children, youth and young urban families. (McDonalds, 2013) They have many goals, some are: supply the world with quality service, quality food, at a quality price. (McDonalds, 2013) Another is help make the world a better place by using eco-friendly containers and support to the Ronald McDonald house charities. (Ronald McDonald House Charities, 2013) Ronald McDonald house charities is there to create, find, and support programs that will directly improve the health and well being of children. (Ronald McDonald House Charities, 2013) The charity believes that children heal faster with their families surrounding them, so this is a place for the families to rest and refresh near their children that are unfortunately sick where they need continuous care. (Ronald McDonald House Charities, 2013)
In 1955 the very first McDonald's was opened in the typical drive-in setting in California. (McDonalds Time, 2013) By 1965 there were over 700 McDonald restaurants…...

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