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Technology brought innovation in the management practices towards better performance. The companies have to strategically manage their human resource as well. Since organizational development has become the most important and strategic function of the human resource management. This paper will examine the organizational development tools and their impact on the employee development mainly related to motivation and training. Its major topic of discussion will be the outdoor training sessions and their impact of motivation and performance. Also the paper will discuss the factors that can impact the effective outdoor training sessions like study tours.

The continuous changes in the technology have put the business in tough conditions to manage their employees with old system of working and management. So the human resource management has become the strategic part of the organization. Companies are focusing more on the management of their human resource to achieve their goals like cutting the cost, better performance, and high yield etc.
One of the most important functions of the human resource management is the organizational development. Since the continuous change in the working techniques made the employees resistant to change. The non efficient management of the change resistant behaviors caused high employee turnover, absenteeism, low performance and ultimately results low productivity. Companies spend lot of its resources on employees’ development and training. The better trained and well developed employees bring good performance to the company which leads toward success. So the employees’ development and training is in direct relation with the performance. (abdul & aamer, 2011)
Organizational development
The organization development is a process of improving company’s performance and employee’s development through strategic…...

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