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The company given in the example uses an annual rating scale evaluation method that appears to be primarily based on interpersonal relationships with co-workers as well as overall personality and attitude. There are 3 knows evaluation categories on the company’s current evaluation form: friendliness, neatness, and attitude.


This evaluation criteria focuses on the interpersonal relationships of the employee as he relates to his fellow co-workers including peers and supervisor(s). However, because of the employee’s personality differences, the employee receives a lower rating.

The ability to have an accord with fellow co-workers is an important part of an employee review, especially if his ability to work with others negatively affects his or their output. However, interpersonal relationships in general should not be the primary focus of the review. The ability or desire of the employee to interact with other employees is not a valid representation of his work ethic or work product and is not indicative of the employee’s ability to help the company accomplish its ultimate mission and goals.


The second item on the manager’s evaluation form is “Neatness.” The manager concludes that the employee’s neatness with relationship to his office space is only slightly better than a disaster area so, again, he gives the employee a low score. However, no mention is made of the employee’s work product.

The manager needs to evaluate the employee’s neatness with respect to his work product. Are completed reports neat, logical and professional? Have tasks been completed on-schedule, efficiently and accurately? Physical neatness of any individual employee should be evaluated and/or corrected if it is negatively influencing the employee’s work ethic or work product.

The example mentions that the employee has…...

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