En1320 Lab 4.2

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Lab 4.2
Vance Pope

n.a. (2016). Software Engineers and Designers. Retrieved from Studentscholarships.org: http://www.studentscholarships.org/salary_ca/7/software_engineers_and_designers.php
Shaw, M. (2000, May). Software Engineering Education: A Roadmap. Proceeedings of the conference on The future of Software Engineering, pp. 371-380.

Reference #1:

This website shows aspiring students what a software engineer does, the median of what could be earned in that field, and also breaks down all the different types of factors a student would want to know before they have begun studying in that field. It also shows students where current software engineers are employed. Those industries include computer systems design related services, electronic product manufacturing, wholesale trade, architectural engineering, public administration, and scientific research and development studies. Though this source is not an article with an author or from a university, I believe this is a good source to use. The reason I feel like it is a good source is because while I was searching on the website I noticed that their website has been mentioned and used on many school websites such as Cal Poly Pomona. The website gives students a great deal of information that other sources found on Google.com do not provide. This source has confirmed what I have seen while searching for software engineering jobs on the internet. It will allow me to provide more information on my Project Part 1 on what I could expect to make as a software engineer and the rate of unemployment in the industry.

Reference #2: Which would you pick education or a well-paid programming job? The need for software developers in today’s software industry grows as days grow old. In this summary, we will discuss Mary Shaw’s article entitled “Software engineering education: a…...

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