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APA Reference and Citation Worksheet

Use the Center for Writing Excellence’s Reference and Citation Generator (http://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/cwe/citation_generator/), located under the APA Information heading in the CWE’s Tutorials and Guides section, to generate references and citations for two articles from the University of Phoenix library.

You can use the two library sources that you chose for the Week 2 assignment if you still plan to use them in your final paper, or you can select two new sources that you have found in the library to use instead.

An example is provided for your review.


|a. Use the generator to produce an APA-formatted reference for a |b. Paste the examples provided by the generator to show possible |
|source you will use in your paper. This source should be from the |in-text citations for this reference. |
|University Library. Paste the reference below. | |
| | |
| |Insert the paraphrased material (Jones & Snow, 2013). |
| |Jones and Snow (2013) Insert the paraphrased material. |
|Jones, D. P., & Snow, F. (2013). APA matters: A guide for the |According to Jones and Snow (2013) “Insert the quotation” (p. 6). |
|confused. Journal of Teaching Methods, 5(34), 5–9. | |
| |…...

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