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Research Methodology
Dr Ayaz Muhammad khan
ayaz@ue.edu.pk, ayazof92@gmail.com General Objectives
The general objective of this course is to introduce students to methods of research. The specific objectives are: (i) to ensure that students acquire some practical research skills; (ii) to help students understand the principles of research; and (iii) to enable students to link the research process with theories of their specialist areas. By becoming familiar with the research process in practice, students should be more confident and competent in evaluating and using research results in their specialist areas.
1. Introduction to Research 2.1 The need and importance of research 2.2 Scientific method and business research 2.3 Ethics and legal issues of research 2.4 Variables and measurement scales

2 Types of Research 2.1 By purpose 2.1.1 Basic research 2.1.2 Applied research 2.1.3 Action research 2.2 By method and technique 2.2.1 Historical 2.2.2 Descriptive – survey, causal comparative, correlation 2.2.3 Experimental 2.2.4 Qualitative – ethnography, case study, content analysis

3 Research Problem 3.1. Selection and statement 3.2.1. Selection 3.2.2. Sources 3.2.3. Statement 3.2. Review of Related Literature 3.3.4. Need 3.3.5. Sources 3.3.6. Note taking 3.3.7. Organizing and citation

4 Formulation and Statement of Hypotheses
4.1 Definition and purpose
4.2 Types of hypotheses
4.3 Stating the hypotheses
4.4 Testing the hypotheses

5. Selection of Sample
5.1 Sampling: definition, purpose
5.2 Definition of population
5.3 Probability Sampling 5.3.1 Random sampling 5.3.2 Stratified sampling 5.3.3 Cluster sampling 5.3.4 Systematic sampling 5.3.5 Double sampling…...

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