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Show her it is a man’s world
Kathy Hernandez
March 19, 2013
Professor: Julie Pal

Show her it is a man’s world

Show her it is a man's world makes sexism against women of the 1960's. This tie ad creates so much controversy because of the way that this ad was advertised. This ad is important in my opinion because it shows the evolution of women rights. Throughout those years women did not have any right and they were humiliated by men and were only allowed to be at home, to take care of the children, house and husband when he came from work. I am making this analysis to show how this ad uses logos, pathos and ethos to persuade people to buy the product. This ad use Pathos which involves using emotion to influence someone else. Emotional scenes and images are used to grab the men’s attention and often make them feel powerful and strong. This is demonstrated by how the man is sitting in bed, with a straight and firm posture, head held high, arms behind his head, well dressed with the “Van Heusen” tie and with a pleasant look on his face. The emotions that this ad conveys to man is to feel that they are above women and that by using the tie women will keep looking at them like all mighty kings. The woman is kneeling beside the bed, handing him a tray containing his breakfast in bed and she looks up to him with admiration treating him like a king in his castle. All of this just makes the target buyer (men) see that with this tie they will have women on their knees handing them breakfast in bed. This ad has lots of pathos because of the many emotions portrayed to the buyers.
The ad shows logos in the way that it makes men believe that he is the boss and deserve to be treated like one. The ad was made by a man named Van Heusen for men. This is from the 1960’s this is an ad for a tie brand. Its main purpose is to call the attention of men and to…...

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