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Excellence For Youth ‘EFY’ is a non-governmental organization established in year 2008. Our organization’s focus is on youth and drug addiction. This report mainly consists of information about the formation of EFY. As a start I have introduced our organization and the organizational structure. Followed by is our mission and vision. And then I have described our main objectives and goals. Moreover I have talked about the issues regarding drug abuse and drug addiction. Furthermore this report contains the programs held by EFY to help and support drug addicts and their families to overcome the strategies they face due to drug related problems. The report concludes by explaining how effective these programs are to our society as a whole.

Excellence For Youth (EFY) is a non-governmental organization officially registered on 05th October 2008 by a group of Maldivian, recovered addicts to help youth who are addicted to drugs to maintain their recovery and to raise public awareness on drug abuse, drug trafficking and drug addiction.
The reason why we chose to implement this organization is because drug addiction and drug related issues are the worst social problem faced by the Maldivian society. Drug abuse has become the initiation of most of the other crimes such as robbery, gang fights and murder.
Our aim is to prevent youth from being exposed to drug abuse and other crimes by creating awareness about drug addiction in the whole community. Our vision is to empower every youth in the community to overcome drug addiction and drug related problems through information and education.
In this report, firstly we have highlighted about our organizational structure. Secondly, we have mentioned our vision and our mission. Thirdly we will be discussing about the reasons why youth abuse drugs. Moreover the…...

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