Enthroned Madonna by Cimabue vs. Enthroned Madonna by Giotto

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Enthroned Madonna by Cimabue vs. Enthroned Madonna by Giotto

Cimabue, born into the world as Cenni Di Pepo in 1240, was a huge contributing factor in the transition from medieval art into renaissance art. He challenged the artistic norm of the time and provoked a new naturalism, which encapsulated a desire to observe the natural world (Kleiner, 2010). This would be the start of naturalism, leading to humanism, which would ultimately birth the Renaissance.
Giotto Di Bondone, was born in 1266 in Florence, Italy. He was a student of Cimabue's and managed to catapult the world into a new exciting time for artistic impression. He broke free from the gothic, byzantine art that dominated the times and managed to not only bring in a new perspective on revealing nature, but managed to teach others how to view the visible world as their source of inspiration (Kleiner, 2010).Giotto was recognized for so many things during his life. The Enthroned Madonna by Giotto will reveal some of the important characteristics he left behind.
Cimabue's Enthroned Madonna stands approximately 12 feet tall and was placed above the altar at Santa Trinita Church. It can now be viewed at Galleria Uffizi in Florence. Cimabue's rendition of the Enthroned Madonna was painted on tempura with beautiful illumination from its gold leafing. Dr. Steven Zucker and Dr. Beth Harris provide some background to this piece that help us understand the placement of the objects in the painting. They explain that Mary was easier to relate to than Christ, and that people revered her as an intercessor, and a means to a relationship with God. It helps us see the relation of Mary's altar to the viewer and the fact that Mary is directly pointing to the infant Jesus as if He is our means to God himself. (Cimabue, Santa Trinita Madonna, 2012).
Giotto's Enthroned Madonna was painted for the Church of Ognissanti in…...

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