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The concept of ethnocentrism is the practice of judging other cultures according to our own culture (Maciones, 2012); doing so inadvertently we use this as a racist and stereotype judgment. The movie “The Chaser” was filmed in South Korea; I will compare the movie with my culture as an Americanized-Hispanic.

Introduction Ethnocentrism can be defined as our point of view of another culture; basing our opinion by comparing it to our own culture. Depending on how one uses this categorization we can easily come to a conclusion which becomes more of a stereotype or racist judgment. The effects of ethnocentrism can be negative and affect others in their life in great multitudes. We can use the example from 9/11. Since then many Muslims have been judged and put into a category simply because of their religion; not everybody who is Muslim is also tied into al-Qaeda. Just because woman/man wear head gear also make them an extremist who is out to bomb something. But because of this tragedy, we have done just that, accused and damned their religion and beliefs; because they are not like us and well because of 9/11.
“The Chaser”
The movie I chose was “The Chaser”; a movie filmed in South Korea about an ex-detective turned pimp who finds himself in financial trouble because two of his girls disappeared. After sending his last girl, he finds out that the customer is also the last customer of the other two girls who just went missing; in his quest of finding the where about of those two other girls he unfolds the truth. This customer is a serial killer!
The reason I chose this movie was first because it was filmed in South Korea, second because I would be able to see how their laws were and how they lived in South Korea. Many stereotypes I have heard over the years: political corruption, violent sex crimes,…...

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