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Capstone: Strategic Management

May 13th, 2008

Robert Gibson – Scott McDaniels – Jonah Nelson – David Stark

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Strategic Profile 3 * Company Introduction
Situational Analysis 4-15 * External * PEST Analysis * Porter’s 5 Forces * Bargaining Power of Suppliers * Bargaining Power of Buyers * Threat of New Entrants * Threat of Substitutes * Competitive Rivalry between Existing Players * Competitor Landscape * Alaska Airlines * Southwest Airlines * United Airlines * Air Canada * Key Success Factors * Internal 16-23 * Resources * Tangible * Intangible * Value Chain Analysis * Primary Activities * Secondary Activities * Capabilities * VRIN Testing * Core Competencies
SWOT Analysis 24-25 * Strengths * Weaknesses * Opportunities * Threats
Strategy Formulation 26-28 * Strategic Alternatives * Alternative Evaluation * Alternative Choice
Strategic Alternative Implementation 29-31 * Action Items * Action Plan
References 32

Strategic Profile:

Company Introduction

Alaska Air Group is made up of two principle subsidiaries Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines. Alaska operates all jet engine aircraft with average mid-range flight distance of 1,051 miles while Horizon is a short distance carrier averaging around 386 miles. Horizon also uses both turbo prop and jet engine aircraft. Alaska Airlines respectively has 115 jet engine aircraft in the form of 737’s and MD-80’s.1 The two carriers operate in an integrated fashion allowing for a…...

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...1.0 Environmental Appraisal Analysis Environment refers to factors that can affect Harley Davidson’s directly or indirectly Kotlar and Armostrong (2011). For environmental analysis, Top-Down Approach will be followed. First, Harley should consider macro factor that can influence marketing plan. These will be evaluated with PESTEL analysis. Second, the company has to take insight on motorcycle industry of UK to examine competitiveness and long-term business prospects (Elliott, and Patton,1996). Porter’s Five Forces Model will analyze the industry. Finally, a SWOT analysis will be done to determine company’s suitability and vulnerability with UK market. So, the analytical framework will be as below. Figure 1: Framework for environmental Appraisal 1.1PESTEL Analysis The following factors will be considered as influential in PESTEL analysis. More factors will be included which management consider very important to take a strategic marketing decision. 1.1.1Economic Factors Economy of UK is rebounding after recession, which is again restoring consumers’ confidence for purchasing luxury product. Trading Economics (2013) stated The economy in second quarter of 2013 is growing .3% more than in 2012. The following chart will show the recovery of UK economy from fragile situation. Figure 1.2: GDP growth rate of UK Beyond economic parameter, the duty over foreign firm’s motorcycle export to UK is 6% where in addition to that VAT will be 20% on foreign...

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...Environmental Analysis Environmental Analysis La Shawn Baker ECO/501- The purpose of this paper is to do an environmental analysis of AT&T. The environment of the telecommunication industry has three components of the macroeconomic environment, the industry environment, and the operating environment within the organization. This paper will cover the history of AT&T and it affected the communication industry. It will also outline the three variables that affect the telecommunication industry. AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) establish in by Alexander Graham Bell. With the success of the telephone, Bell earned patents that also gained the interest of investors created a Bell Telephone Company. The telephone became the new found gadget of telecommunication; the service other exchange companies established across the United States. American Bell sought obtained Western Electric Company in 1882 making Bell Telephone Company into Bell System (History of AT&T, 2010). The telecommunication market, developed by AT&T, and expanded from one inventor, two investors by 1984 being 149 billion dollars, 1009,000 workers. Also in 1984, AT&T reduces long distance rates by 6.4%, as non-traffic sensitive costs begin moving from rates to local-company managed access charges. This was the first in a series of rate reductions over a six-year period (Milestone of AT&T, 2010). AT&T has several strengths, which, derives from their products wireless, landline, internet, and data...

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