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The present environmental condition of Bangladesh is not equally balanced at all. Severe air, water and sound pollution are threatening human health, environment and economic growth of Bangladesh. The most environmental problem is water pollution. The water pollution caused due to industrialization. The underground water of Bangladesh has been polluted due to arsenic. Water pollution creates serious health hazard for Bangladesh.
The most dangerous threat emanating from environmental degradation is the arsenic contamination of ground water. The main industrial areas of Bangladesh are at Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, and Bogra districts. The mostly contributing industries for water pollution are pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, metal processing, food industry, fertilizer, pesticides, dyeing and painting, textile, tannery etc. Everyday approximately 700 tanneries of Dhaka city are discharging about 16,000 cubic meters of toxic wastes. The Department of Environment (DOE) has listed 1,176 factories that cause pollution throughout the country. Water pollution percentage of most five industrial sectors of Bangladesh in the year 2001 is shown below:
**Water Pollution Percentage of most Five Industrial Sectors of Bangladesh in the Year 2001 Source: Research Work by Islam Faisal on “Industrial Pollution in Bangladesh” in the year 2002.
The indiscriminate discharge of solid waste, domestic and hospital sewage are the major source of water pollution in Bangladesh. About 4,000 to 4,500 tons of solid wastes are generated daily and only half of the generated wastes are disposed of in low lying areas or into river water. More than 500 hospitals and clinics of Dhaka city generate and release hazardous and toxic wastes without any treatment. Besides, most of the water in Bangladesh contains arsenic which is poisonous to health. Since the water comes from the underground pipeline,…...

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