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Sam Mendes American Beauty challenges the notion of the American dream,where having money,a home,two cars and a job supposedly constitutes for happiness. He does so via several characters which highlight the difference between appearance and reality.

Carolyn Burnham-values success and appearing successful- lives up to the American dream. however-appears successful, close up of her crying In a scene in which she cannot sell a house, she abuses herself mentally and physically: she screeches, screams, and slaps herself. All day she had cleaned the house (appearances) and repeated maniacally to herself, "I will sell this house today”-A dream= appearing successful Pool symbolically rep- A dream,meant to be “lagoon like” but in reality is a “cement hole’. Much like she has to sell a seemingly fake image of her house, she also does with her self. Repetition of “in order to be successful once must project a image of success at all times” emotive word “must” sug success is conventional for the American dream. As her ‘business is selling a image’ metaphor...’part of my job is to live that image‘ Throughout film-she keeps her roses/garden in prime perfect condition which highlights the irony as her life is anything but.
Angela Hayes-As Carolyn is successfully beautiful, but ugly in character, Angela is also. Angela Hayes appears to be the model teen which others envy, but in reality has low self-esteem.. She is thin, blonde, gorgeous, popular and confident to the seeing eye. Inside she is scared and torn. This is shown in the character of Angela. A blonde and popular…...

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...American Beauty This movie addresses problems that American families could face, as well as the people who affect their lives. The issues that take place are ones that no one wants to discuss, but can be very real. The characters include a closeted gay Marine named Colonel Fitts, played by Chris Cooper, and a man going through mid-life crisis Lester Burnham played by Kevin Spacey. Film critic Roger Ebert states, “This movie is more about sadness and loneliness than about cruelty or inhumanity. Nobody is really bad in this movie, just shaped by society in such a way they can’t be themselves, or feel joy” (2). I had sadness for the characters and was shocked by the way it ended. Most importantly, I found that I could relate to some of these issues. One thing I did enjoy was how well the movie portrays homosexuality. We hear words such as “partners” which is in good taste, rather than “fag” which is in bad taste. Most of the movie shows openly gay people in everyday life. For example, there are lesbians looking at a house that realtor Carolyn Burnham, played by Annette Bening, is trying to sell. Another critic explains, “Evidently the only well-adjusted and relatively happy people in the neighborhood are ‘Jim and Jim’ (Scott Bakula and Sam Robards), a gay couple” (McCarthy 2). Lester Burnham is a relatively normal person who simply has been going through the motions of everyday life. He hates his dead-end job. In addition, his marriage had become routine......

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...“American Beauty” - An analysis of the movie with focus on Carolyn & Lester Burnham The Burnham’s seem to live the ‘American Dream’. They have good jobs, two expensive cars, and a nice home in the suburbs, and a healthy teenager. The family is portrayed as a normal, happy family, but if you do as the film tag says and “look closer”, you see that it isn’t true. Instead, they are living in a “suburban prison”. Carolyn Burnham is the lonely wife of Lester Burnham and can be summed up in five words: materialistic, ambitious, seemingly successful, yet insecure, and a perfectionist. You see her fragile and insecure sides in a few scenes, for instance, when she tries to sell a house, and it doesn’t go as planned, she get’s more and more desperate. She’s alone in the house when she breaks down and allows herself to cry, but first she makes sure that nobody can see her by closing the blinds. She only let herself be vulnerable for a quick moment, before she gets angry, and starts to slap herself in the face, screaming: “Stop it! Shut up! You’re weak! You Baby! Shut up!” It’s a way to remind her that she’s strong, but the slapping is also a way of punishing herself for being weak. To most people crying is a natural thing to do when you’re sad, but for Carolyn it’s a shameful behavior. After the big fight scene at the dinner table, Carolyn goes to Jane’s room to talk, and she tells her daughter: “You cannot count on anyone except yourself. You know, it’s sad......

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...American Beauty BSHS/342 March 10, 2012 American Beauty American Beauty is a movie that captures one man’s thoughts as he enters middle age. The main character is Lester Burnham; he is an average man who holds a decent paying job as a magazine executive. The movie starts off introducing Lester’s life in short, he is in a loveless relationship to his wife Carolyn and his daughter Jane has self-esteem issues. As Lester soon discovers his job is in jeopardy, after working for the same company for the extent of 14 years he may soon be let go. This news drives him to re-think his life and evaluate his past and present. His life changes when Jane brings home a new friend. Angela is a young attractive female who catches the eye of Jane’s father, this gives him new inspiration. Each character in the movie has a direction or path that they think will lead to happiness; it is a matter of what path they choose. The choices that Lester makes in this movie lead him down a path of destruction. He soon finds out that his daughters friend Angela has a crush on him, but this is only discovered after he is almost caught eavesdropping. The newly discovered information leads to a series of haphazard events. As Lester becomes engulfed in the moment he quits his job. This news puts a huge strain on Carolyn, she is so career-oriented that she loses her will for happiness. During the time Carolyn is working Les finds a job as a fast food worker, basically his actions are......

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