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Principles of Geography

Physical Geography

i) Geomorphology : Factors controlling landform development; endogenetic and exogenetic forces; Origin and evolution of the earth’s crust; Fundamentals of geomagnetism; Physical conditions of the earth’s interior; Geosynclines; Continental drift; Isostasy; Plate tectonics; Recent views on mountain building; Vulcanicity; Earthquakes and Tsunamis; Concepts of geomorphic cycles and Landscape development ; Denudation chronology; Channel morphology; Erosion surfaces; Slope development ;Appl ied Geomorphology: Geohydrology, economic geology and environment

ii) Climatology : Temperature and pressure belts of the world; Heat budget of the earth; Atmospheric circulation; atmospheric stability and instability. Planetary and local winds; Monsoons and jet streams; Air masses and fronto genesis, Temperate and tropical cyclones; Types and distribution of precipitation; Weather and Climate; Koppen’s, Thornthwaite’s and Trewartha’s classification of world climates; Hydrological cycle; Global climatic change and role and response of man in climatic changes, Applied climatology and Urban climate.

iii) Oceanography : Bottom topography of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans; Temperature and salinity of the oceans; Heat and salt budgets, Ocean deposits; Waves, currents and tides; Marine resources: biotic, mineral and energy resources; Coral reefs, coral bleaching; sealevel changes; law of the sea and marine pollution.

iv) Biogeography : : Genesis of soils; Classification and distribution of soils; Soil profile; Soil erosion, Degradation and conservation; Factors influencing world distribution of plants and animals; Problems of deforestation and conservation measures; Social forestry; agro-forestry; Wild life; Major gene pool centres.

v) Environmental Geography : Principle of ecology; Human ecological adaptations; Influence of…...

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...began to decline. Their profitability came down and the efficiency of the staff became suspect. Non-performing assets of these banks began to rise. The wheel of time had turned a full circle by early nineties and the government after the introduction of structural and economic reforms in the financial sector, allowed the setting up of new banks in the private sector. The new generation private banks have now established themselves in the system and have set new standards of service and efficiency. These banks have also given tough but healthy competition to the public sector banks. Modern Day Role Banking system and the Financial Institutions play very significant role in the economy. First and foremost is in the form of catering to the need of credit for all the sections of society. The modern economies in the world have developed primarily by making best use of the credit availability in their systems. An efficient banking system must cater to the needs of high end investors by making available high amounts of capital for big projects in the industrial, infrastructure and service sectors. At the same time, the medium and small ventures must also have credit available to them for new investment and expansion of the existing units. Rural sector in a country like India can grow only if cheaper credit is available to the farmers for their short and medium term needs. Credit availability for infrastructure sector is also extremely important. The success of any financial......

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...Most commentators are of the view that the key for US economic recovery is drastically lowering the number of unemployed Americans. Once more people will be employed, this is going to lift overall spending in the economy and consequently general economic activity will follow suit, so it is held. We suggest that unemployment is not the key issue for economic growth. What matters for individuals is not whether they are employed as such but the purchasing power of their earnings. The key for this is the infrastructure individuals utilize in the production of goods and services. What permits an increase of the production of goods and services and hence raises people’s living standards is an expansion and enhancement of infrastructure. What in turn permits this is an expanding pool of real savings. Contrary to popular thinking, the Fed’s and the government policies that are aiming at lowering unemployment don’t improve people’s living standards, but on the contrary they undermine the process of real wealth generation and thus set in motion an economic impoverishment. In fact the latest government data indicates that many more Americans have fallen below the poverty line in 2009 despite all the massive stimulus packages. For the time being, the latest US economic data remains subdued. Also in China a visible fall in the growth momentum of money supply M1 raises the likelihood of a visible fall ahead in economic activity indicators. Is a reduction in unemployment the key to US......

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...pepper, and sugar. And hunter-gatherer societies are egalitarian. Material consumption varies little across the members. In contrast, inequality was pervasive in the agrarian economies that dominated the world in 1800. The riches of a few dwarfed the pinched allocations of the masses. Jane Austen may have written about refined conversations over tea served in china cups. But for the majority of the English as late as 1813 conditions were no better than for their naked ancestors of the African savannah. The Darcys were few, the poor plentiful. So, even according to the broadest measures of material life, average welfare, if anything, declined from the Stone Age to 1800. The poor of 1800, those who lived by their unskilled labor alone, would have been better off if transferred to a hunter-gatherer band. The Industrial Revolution, a mere two hundred years ago, changed forever the possibilities for material comfort. Incomes per person began to undergo sustained growth in a favored group of countries. Now the richest modern economies are ten to twenty times wealthier than the 1800 average. Moreover the biggest beneficiary of the Industrial Revolution has so far been the unskilled. There were benefits aplenty for the typically wealthy owners of land or capital, and for the educated. But industrialized economies saved their best gifts for the poorest. Prosperity, however, has not come to all societies. Material consumption in some countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, is now......

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...economic environment (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2007). Fortune of industry and business heavily rests on the purchasing power of the people and purchasing power is largely a product of economic environment. The economic factors that affect the Google industry are: Economic Conditions of different segments of population, their disposable income and purchasing power. Trends in income distribution and consumer-spending pattern, income, savings and credit availability. Rate of inflation, Tax rates & Interest rates and exchange rates. Behavior of capital markets: The corporate sector and capital market are important indicators of sophistication and growth of an economy. Political Environment: the political environment exercises great impact on industry and business. With development on the political front affecting the economy, the economic factor often becomes by-product of the political environment (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2007). The political factors that affect the Google industry are: Form of Government Political stability Tax Laws Laws related to the hiring and promotion of employees Technological factors: Technology is a major force for industry and business to reckon with. Technology leads practically all forces that shape people’s lives. For a business firm, technology affects not only its final products but also its raw materials and operations. The internet industry is one area where the technology keeps on changing constantly. Mobiles and radio pagers are......

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...Essay 2 DEMAND 1. Present a chart showing all elements on the consumer maximizing behavior. [pic] 2. Order the following goods from higher to lower price-elasticity of demand. In each of your answers, point out why you consider that level of elasticity. • Cds • Glasses • Home furniture • T-shirts • Business furniture • Cars • Air travel • Sodas • Books • Bank services • Cod • Rice • Aspirin • Gas • Drinking water I think that the most price-elasticity product of demand is the CDs because they have many substitutes and there is in case of Peru a lot of informal markets and in case of a increase in the originals CDs the people might prefer to buy the copy of the CD in the informal market. 3. Choose one of the goods above. Consider yourself to be in charge to change the price of that good. What would you do and why? In this case, we are the suppliers of a gas station. We would increase the price of the Gas taking the advantage that this good is a low price-elasticity of demand one. We should consider a competitive price and that way increase our income without harming the user’s economy. ----------------------- Consumer maximizing behavior Consumption Possibilities -Constraint on consumption possibilities of the budget line which elements are the Income, Price and Quantity. The Household’s Consumption Choice The household chooses the best......

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...“With reference to organisations or industries that you know, to what extent do you think that recent changes in the UK economy will have inevitably damaged the long-term profits of businesses that operate in this country?” (40 marks) Long term profit is the financial return or reward that entrepreneurs aim to achieve to reflect the risk that they take. Generally, the capital leftover after costs have been subtracted from revenue. The UK economy is an entire network of producers, distributors and consumers of goods and services in a national community. The economy in the UK is in recovery after a recession in 2008-2009, and therefore it is strengthening and past the pre-slump peak. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of a country’s economic activity, including all goods and services produced in a year; economic growth shows the increase in output of goods and services compared with the year before. In the second quarter of 2015, the United Kingdom’s economy has grown 0.7% (Office of National Statistics) and was worth approximately £1.51 million back in 2013, when annual growth was 3.2%. Due to the UK economy recovering, the country’s GDP is also growing positively, this growth creates more opportunities, as consumer tastes change because it becomes easier to setup or expand a business in a rapidly growing economy. In addition, new gaps emerge in the market, establishing more opportunity for promising entrepreneurs, as well as returning consumer confidence to spending...

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...Free Trade Free trade may also be called International Trade. Free Trade occurs when goods and services are traded between countries without the use of import controls. For most of the late twentieth century, the prevailing wisdom has been that free trade can lead to improvements in economic welfare in the global economy. However this has not prevented regular trade disputes between countries - often when one country feels that unfair trade practices have caused the benefits from trade to become distorted. Free trade is very important to all developed countries as there are likely to be economies of scale - when producing for larger markets (foreign markets), average costs of production will be lower. There is likely to be a wider choice of products for consumers to buy and prices are likely to be lower because of lower costs. There is likely to be more efficient use of resources because countries will specialise in producing goods and services where opportunity cost is lowest, i.e. countries will produce goods and services that they can make more efficiently. There is likely to be an increased global output of goods and services without using more inputs. Another reason for importance is there is likely to be a higher standard of living for consumers. There may be political benefits because dealing with other countries will improve relationships. Maquiladoras (Mexican factories which take in imported raw materials and produce goods for export) have become the landmark...

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...Essay “It is generally acknowledged that families are now not as closed as they used to be” We all know that the family is the most important value in human life. However, in today's world, people seek to succeed in the work, to develop themselves as a person and they have enough time to spend it with family. There are 3 reasons: At first, nowadays, majority of families are not so close and harmonious as a families in the past. Families used to big and amicable, children respected their elders, knew the grandparents to the seventh generation. In the evening, all had dinner and told how was their day, remembered the past, funny stories. The house was filled with noise and fun. Now parents rarely dine with the children, they are often late at work, and if the whole family is at home, the child takes a food and goes to his room. At second, 21 century is the century of opportunities and equality. 80% of women have jobs. As men they try to achieve success. In the past, women didn’t have a job, they were housewives, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, all day were with babies. Now parents work every day from morning to evening, they don’t see their children, on the weekend better stay at home. Child prefer to meet with friends or sit in the Internet. And at third, in the past there wasn’t technology: cell phones, computers, wi-fi. Live dialog, books, outdoor games were best entertainment. Today, children can’t live without the Internet and social network. In difficult times......

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...Monetary policy controls a recession and inflation by setting how much money is supplied in an economy. Monetary policy is given by central bank. When an economy is in a recession phase, the central bank will typically increase the money supplied which will help reduce interest rates; increasing spending. When inflation is a problem, the central bank will typically decrease the money supply, which will increase interest rates; slowing spending. Fiscal policy controls the taxes. It is given by government. A fiscal policy is when the government changes taxation and increases government spending. Through an expansionary fiscal policy it aims at increasing the amount of disposable income people will have. This income will, depending on the marginal propensity to consume, be spent in the economy. The result of this will be that aggregate demand will increase thus eliminating the deflationary gap which is caused by either growth or unemployment. Moreover fiscal policy aims at increasing government spending. If government spending increases the investment in the economy which will be translated as an increase of investment in the economy and which will in turn close the deflationary gap. [pic] Pure competition: In economic theory, perfect competition describes markets such that no participants are large enough to have the market power to set the price of a homogeneous product. Demand and Supply In a perfectly competitive market, a firm's demand curve is perfectly......

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